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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Republican State Rep. Frank Pratt’s whereabouts on Christmas Day?

Answer: Beaten unconscious in his swimming pool store.

FOX News reports:

Police in Casa Grande say an Arizona legislator was sent to the hospital after being beaten and knocked unconscious at his business Christmas Day.

Rep. Frank Pratt, 68, was found by his wife about 8 p.m. Saturday at Pratt Pools in Casa Grande, said Mike Keck, criminal investigations commander for the Casa Grande Police Department.

Pratt had gone to the business earlier in the day to check on it and was confronted by someone who was already inside, Keck said.

Pratt was beaten and knocked unconscious, and left tied up inside the building.


Keck said Pratt was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital, where he was listed in stable condition with multiple cuts and bruises and at least one fracture.


Although it is tough to resist, I am not going to make any assumptions at this time.

Click here to watch the local news report.

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“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.” – W.C. Jones.

Have safe and wonderful Christmas! In the meantime, enjoy this new video from the Patriot Caucus (Sharron Angle’s new organization):

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Steven Crowder

Wonder what you would if you frisked the television show CSI?

Answer: They are trying to figure out who killed Christmas?


It’s not the real television show CSI, but I must say this version is a lot better than most of CSI: Miami’s episodes. This video by Steven Crowder is a couple weeks old, but I figured I would  wait until Christmas time to post it on my blog. Enjoy!

Props to PJ TV and Steven Crowder.

Side-Note: The classic sunglasses raise.

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Hello Mao Tse Tung!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room?

Answer: A dictator/mass murderer – of course.

That’s right folks! Somehow Mao Tse Tung made it into the White House… Again:

Why let a holiday season come between the White House and making some political statements? The White House pegged controversial designer Simon Doonan to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House. Mr. Doonan, who is creative director of Barney’s New York has often caused a stir with his design choices. Like his naughty yuletide window display of Margaret Thatcher as a dowdy dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist’s dummy. For this year’s White House, he didn’t disappoint.


Of course, Mao has his place in the White House.

Gosh… You would think the White House learned its lesson when videos of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn surfaced that showed her praising the Chinese dictator.  Unfortunately for her, she apparently didn’t receive the memo that he’s responsible for over 75 million deaths.

Side-Note: Hmm… Not only is the White House filled with a radical administration, but apparently they hire radical decorators too! I swear, it’s the idiotic things like this coming out of the White House that makes it SO easy to blog. Thanks liberals.

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The single most depressing thing about this upcoming Christmas is the fact that our U.S. Senate (thanks to the Democrats) will probably try and deliver socialized Obama-Care into our stockings when we least expect it!

This cartoon was featured on RedState.com and was created by TobyToons.


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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Jack Bauer from the television show 24?

Answer: Apparently he has a beef to settle with Santa Claus.

HAHA! What an amazing and funny video!

Props to the Rebel Viral Team.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Oprah’s Christmas Special?

Answer: More of the Obamas!

Yay! How excited are we all? After all, we never get to see the Messiah on the television anymore… Wait a minute? :roll:

There’s nothing like another Obama media blitz to welcome the holiday season:

The queen of daytime will interview the president of the country during an ABC holiday special that brings together Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

The queen of daytime will interview the president of the country during an ABC holiday special that brings together Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

Make sure you mark this on your calendar folks! Oprah’s “Christmas at the White House” will air Sunday, December 13, at 10 p.m.

I sure hope he brings his teleprompter along for the show to help answer those REALLY tough questions that will be thrown his way like:

  • “Michelle, which of your 26 personal assistants is your favorite?”
  • “How’s your dog?”
  • “Now that you have saved the economy, what Bush caused disaster will you fix next?”

I can see how the show will play out now…

Side-Note: Is there any hope that the Obamas will beat the ratings that Sarah Palin gave The Oprah Show? I highly doubt it.

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A Liberal's Christmas...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Nancy Pelosi’s Christmas list for Santa?

Answer: Obama-Care is number one on her list.

Personally, I’d rather get a lump of coal the size of 1/6 of our U.S. economy than the monstrosity (Pelosi/Obama-Care) that is trying to get rammed through the Senate and overhaul 1/6 of our U.S. economy.

That’s just me, but I know liberal’s would LOVE to inject our nation with another enormous entitlement program to place underneath the Christmas trees of taxpayers – even if it puts America closer to going bankrupt. Not to mention that support for Obama-Care is down to 41% in the polls of all polls.

Here’s a perfect analogy on this subject:

This is like “borrowing” a friend’s credit card, buying a car with it, then presenting them with the car on Christmas morning as their “gift.”

So true Allahpundit… So true.

Side-Note: Honestly, I’m almost shocked that Nancy Pelosi even uttered the word “Christmas.” After all, most far-left liberals would love to see Christmas and any religion based occasion destroyed. Hence the increasing popularity of the phrase “Happy Holidays” to replace “Merry Christmas.” Political correctness at its finest… And I won’t even mention P.C. related to Fort Hood.

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