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Wonder what you would find if you frisked a liberal right now, with all the current problems in the world?

Answer: BAD timing.

Props to IMAO:

I think Obama is just really in over his head, as this was the completely wrong time for a liberal. You don’t put a liberal in charge during a time of war …or any serious time for that matter. No wonder Obama has only talked to General McCrystal once; Obama is hoping if he ignores the war, it will go away. Same for Iran and their nuclear capabilities. He just wants to focus on dinky social issues, where liberals are strongest. Look at the time when Bill Clinton did well: Economy was taking care of itself, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we were ignorant of any big international problem. It was a time of naivete: Perfect for a liberal. That’s not now; this is Carter all over again. Liberals don’t know how to do anything useful, so they flounder when useful things need to be done. They really need to wait until all the big things are handled by others before they take charge.

So, remember to pity Obama just a little. He probably actually believed his “Hope and Change” mantra and thought all the big problems would go away so he could focus on things we don’t actually need right now like a health care overhaul or Cap & Trade. Liberals felt pretty useless right after 9/11, and probably the only thing that will make them feel even more useless is putting them in charge.

I think that sums it up!

Side-Note: 2 wars, threats from Iran, threats from North Korea, economic ‘crisis’, health care reform, cap-and-tax, ACORN corruption, safe school czar problems, and where’s President Obama???

Oh yeah… Copenhagen, Denmark to try and get the Olympics in Chicago for 2016. Good work, good work.


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Bette Midler... Dumb!

Bette Midler... Dumb!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the debut of The Joy Behar Show on CNN?

Answer: Another hour-long program dedicated to liberal politics and conservative bashing.

Did you really expect something different people? This is one the loudest/argumentative women that was featured on the The View. Now if your dumb enough to watch The View – no literally – you would realize that every time a conservative popped up on the show it was like throwing a dead carcass to a pack of wild hyenas. Not only did they try and attack the person, but they would engage in yelling over one another trying to express each of their own opinions… sounding like? You guessed it! A wild pack of hyenas!

Now if a liberal, like Obama, showed up on the program… It becomes the biggest mushy/flirty conversation on air. It could be the middle of summer and you literally wouldn’t be surprised if each had a valentine ready to give him!

Now with that said, you now realize how pointless this television program will be. Watch the video posted above and you’ll notice this:

Midler confirmed what one would probably expect – she’s not a fan of Beck at all.

“I don’t think he’s funny even a little bit,” Midler said. “I’ve never had a laugh from Glenn Beck. In fact, I find him terrifying. I find him terrifying. He’s like an old school demagogue, and it’s really frightening.”

What did Midler compare Beck to? She likened the popular Fox News host to the instigators of the Rwandan civil war, which was the catalyst for the Rwandan genocide where an estimated 800,000 to 1 million lost their lives.

“If you look around at the rest of the world and what this kind of behavior has done, like in Rwanda, where the demagogues got on the radio and fomented all that hate between the Tutsis and the Hutus and the devastation that happened from that, I mean, it’s terrifying,” Midler said.

According to Midler, that’s a possibility in the United States.

“And that could happen, you know, you could turn on a dime,” Midler warned. “That could happen here.”

I’m Speechless… Anyone that believes a holocaust (like the one in Rwanda) could happen here in the U.S. should go open a book and it would probably be Midler’s first. I think when Bill Maher refers to America being stupid, he is referring to all the stupid comments broadcasted across the airwaves of the liberal media. After all, we all know the main stream media doesn’t represent the majority opinion in the United States of America.

Bet: What is the over/under that this show will last a whole year???

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the liberal Starbucks’ latest commercial?

Answer: Funny stuff.

Hmm… A major liberal company, such as Starbucks, is shoveling money into parody town hall protest ads. Hmm… Is this an admission that they believe it was really effective? I think so!

Overall, I enjoyed this funny advertisement. Now liberals can take their Starbucks instant blend on the go while they plan their next move towards socialism, HAHA.

WARNING: Whatever you do! Do not allow Nancy Pelosi to view this advertisement! She probably thinks this will lead to political violence… as she sheds a tear of course.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Senate Finance Committee today?

Answer: Most of them have a head on their shoulders.

Ahh yes! This always makes for a good day people:

A key Senate panel on Tuesday voted against creating a new government health insurance plan to compete with the private market.

The 15-to-8 vote in the Senate Finance Committee could forecast the fate of the public option in the Senate as a whole.

The outcome was expected but still a defeat for liberals who view government-sponsored insurance for the middle class as a key component of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Give it up liberals! What does it take for you all to realize the American people DON’T want this thing? There are a number of alternatives that would work better than to overhaul health care… After all, this is America and it wasn’t founded on socialist principals.

Today we’ve won the battle, but the fight continues!

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ReallySheSay copy

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Wonder what you would find if you frisked The View’s Whoopi Goldberg over the Roman Polanski issue?

Answer: Polanski didn’t ‘rape-rape’ a 13 year-old girl.

Hmm… Are you joking Whoopi!? I mean, you use to be a comedian so I don’t know if America is suppose to take you serious here. What the hell is ‘rape-rape’? Honestly!?

Here we go again folks, liberal Hollywood coming to a child molester’s rescue! This is why the the debate on The View is absolutely off base:

What I find much more disturbing is that, in that clip and another one that’s posted at Jezebel, the ladies of The View engage in some terrifying “debate” about what happened to then-13-year-old Samantha Geimer. Whoopi floats the notion that rape “wasn’t the allegation,” and that the victim “was aware,” and Melissa Gilbert thinks it makes a difference that “Mom was in the building.”

What the EFF? I hate to even point out the sickeningly obvious here. First of all, “rape-rape” was the allegation. Samantha Geimer testified that she told Polanski “No!” While Polanski denies this, he loses a couple of credibility points by drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. I’d say she gets the benefit of the doubt here.

Notwithstanding that, though, is that the standard of consent now, “She was aware?” Keep an eye on your drinks, ladies, because in Whoopi’s world, the right dose of rohypnol will leave you just conscious enough to have deserved it.

I feel bad for those who have the moral mindset of a moron, like Whoopi Goldberg, because I don’t understand how anyone could have sympathy for someone that would DRUG and “RAPE-RAPE” a child… For crying out loud, it could have been their child!

Common sense people… Please try and use it.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Detroit in general?

Answer: A city on life support waiting for a cure.

I am not from Detroit, MI but I am just a hour and a half away and it’s always depressing to see photos or read stories regarding the city’s decay. Once the fourth largest city in the United State with two million residents… now under one million residents and struggling. For me, it is mind boggling to search Google images for ‘Detroit’ and watch it bring up beautiful pictures of the city while at the same time you see pictures of what could be a deserted disaster area… Almost like it’s two completely different cities.

Daniel Okrent wrote a good piece on the death and possible life of Detroit in Time Magazine. This is how Detroit was knocked into a coma:

Most of us thought Detroit was pretty wonderful back in the ’50s and early ’60s, its mighty industrial engine humming in top gear, filling America’s roads with the nation’s signifying product and the city’s houses and streets with nearly 2 million people. Of course, if you were black, it was substantially less wonderful, its neighborhoods as segregated as any in America. On the northwest side, not far from where I grew up, a homebuilder had in the 1940s erected a six-foot-high concrete wall, nearly half a mile long, to separate his development from an adjacent black neighborhood. Still, white Detroit believed that the riots that ravaged Los Angeles in 1965 and a number of other cities the following summer would never burn across our town. Black people in Detroit, enlightened whites believed, had jobs and homes, and even if those homes were on the other side of an apartheid wall, their owners had a stake in the city.

Some did, but too many others, invisible to white Detroit, did not. The riots that scorched the city in July 1967, leaving 43 people dead, were the product of an unarticulated racism that few had acknowledged, and a self-deceiving blindness that had made it possible for even the best-intentioned whites to ignore the straitjacket of segregation that had crippled black neighborhoods, ill served the equally divided schools and enabled the casual brutality of a police force that was too white and too loosely supervised.

The ’67 riots sent thousands of white Detroiters fleeing for the suburbs. Even if black Detroiters with financial resources wished to follow, they could not: the de facto segregation was virtually de jure in most Detroit suburbs.

Soon Detroit became a majority-black city, and in 1973 it elected its first black mayor. Coleman Young was a talented politician who spent much of his 20 years in office devoting his talents to the politics of revenge. […] By his third term, Young was governing more by rhetoric than by action. These were the years of a local phenomenon known as Devil’s Night, a nihilistic orgy of arson that in one especially explosive year saw 800 houses burn to the ground in 72 hours. Violent crime soared under Young. The school system began to cave in on itself. When jobs disappeared with the small businesses boarding up their doors and abandoning the city, the mayor seemed to find it more useful to bid the business owners good riddance than to address the job losses. Detroit was dying, and its mayor chose to preside over the funeral rather than find a way to work with the suburban and state officials who now detested him every bit as much as he had demonized them.

But Young isn’t the only politician to blame. In 1956, when I was 8 years old, my Congressman was John D. Dingell. There are people in southeastern Michigan who are still represented by Dingell, the longest-serving member in the history of the House of Representatives. “The working men and women of Michigan and their families have always been Congressman Dingell’s top priority,” his website declares, and I suppose he thinks he has served them well — by resisting, in succession, tougher safety regulations, more-stringent mileage standards, relaxed trade restrictions and virtually any other measure that might have forced the American automobile industry to make cars that could stand up to foreign competition.

Besides politicians becoming slaves to the car industry in order to get re-elected, the unions were also to blame. Now 1/3 of Detroit is out of work, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel for the city. This is how Detroit might be saved:

Detroit must address the fact that a 138-sq.-mi. city that once accommodated 1.85 million people is way too large for the 912,000 who remain. The fire, police and sanitation departments couldn’t efficiently service the yawning stretches of barely inhabited areas even if the city could afford to maintain those operations at their former size. Detroit has to shrink its footprint, even if it means condemning decent houses in the gap-toothed areas and moving their occupants to compact neighborhoods where they might find a modicum of security and service. Build greenbelts, which are a lot cheaper to maintain than untraveled streets. Encourage urban farming. Let the barren areas revert to nature.

Most crucially, the entire region has to realize that defining itself solely by the misperceived needs of a single industry has left all of southeastern Michigan dazed and bleeding. And yet the conditions for resetting that economic model couldn’t be more favorable.

America isn’t so keen on national industrial policy. But in Detroit’s past, you can find an idea for its future — and the nation’s. Back in the ’50s, the Federal Government began investing what would eventually reach half a trillion dollars in what became the interstate highway system. You could have considered that an incredible subsidy for the auto industry — which it was — but it was also an investment in the nation’s future.

It’s an adaptable model. The fuel-cell technology that dazzled me at the GM Tech Center is less about autos than it is about energy — energy, as hydrogen, that exists in every molecule of water. What’s to stop us now from turning Detroit — its highly trained engineering talent, its skilled and unskilled workforce desperate for employment, its underutilized production facilities — into the Arsenal of the Renewable Energy Future?

If we did, Detroit could go back to building something America needs. As a nation, we could prove that we can still make things. And while we’re at it, we could regenerate not just a city but our sense of who we are.

Well said. Make sure you check out Daniel Okrent’s piece here at Time Magazine.

Side-note: I heard this idea on the Patriot Channel on my satellite radio last night: If Obama wants to do something for the American people, go to Denmark and use your influence to get the Olympics in Detroit. It is a beautiful city with a great water front and LOTS of room to rebuild!


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You've got to be joking...

You've got to be joking...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School in Asheville, NC during a PTA meeting?

Answer: Evidence of politicizing education.

Honestly, these type of videos are popping up each day like the ACORN corruption videos! Nothing like a 10 year-old getting their dose of liberalism… at school.

And liberals try and attack schools for singing Christmas carols around Christmas… but this is okay I guess. HA!

Side-note: Gross… I just got a little whiff of socialism while I was watching these video clips.

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