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You've gote to be joking...

You've gote to be joking...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the line of people outside of Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI?

Answer: Some are looking for that free ‘Obama money’.

This audio just makes me speechless. Not only that this is occurring in my home state, but this is a perfect example of how people are so incredibly misinformed in America today. Whether you are rich or poor, what does this tell you about society these days? I’m not talking about the thousands of people lined up outside to fill out an application for a share of the $15.2 million in federal stimulus money to help avoid foreclosure/homelessness. I’m talking about the people who actually thought the government was handing out dollar bills (cash) to individuals.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is socialism. The work ethic in America seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic, and the Democrats love it. They love it because they make these people out to be the victims of an unfair country and preach about entitlements so they can cash in our their votes.

That’s a nanny state folks.

How does a true conservative compete with that? It’s hard. Conservatives preach hard work, innovation, limited government, and the chance of making it. They don’t preach: “Oh if you keeping failing and making mistakes… That’s all right little buddy, because we’ll just pat you on the back and help you along by throwing a few hundreds dollars at you here and there.” Nope.

Side-Note: Hey Mr. President, maybe some tax reductions would put some extra income in people’s pockets for charitable donations. But I feel those aren’t coming anytime soon. Nope, I see charity in America replaced with more government.

Obama’s America:

Yup… The nanny state.


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Ouch... So much for Philly.

Ouch... So much for Philly.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Philadelphia ACORN office? You know, the one James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles supposedly got kicked out of.

Answer: It appears another ACORN employee was lying.

HAHA! Yes! More entertainment from the ACORN offices. I recommend all of you throw a bag of popcorn into the microwave and have yourself a ‘I told you so’ moment.

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are back at it and perfect timing too! Today ANOTHER ACORN video was released. This time it proved Katherine Conway-Russell’s defense wrong that she posted on Media Matters. She and news outlets claimed the two (O’Keefe and Giles) were kicked out right way:

But when the phony pimp and prostitute tag team visited ACORN’s local office, on Broad Street near Parrish, on July 24, they were apparently shown the door.

Philadelphia ACORN president Carol Hemingway said in a statement on Monday that “after causing a major disturbance, they were asked to leave the office, and a police report was filed.”

Hmm… That’s funny, because we see in the video that O’Keefe and Giles were there for over 30 minutes and left on their own after receiving advice!

Ms. Conway-Russell and Ms. Hemingway, you are a liars. Plain and simple.

Once again, ACORN shows it’s true colors. The thought of anyone supporting the idea that they deserve tax payer dollars is just ridiculous! Cut ALL funding!

Side-Note: I realize the audio is kind of cut-off in parts, but no worries! If you notice at the end, it says “To be continued…” The full unedited video will be arriving on the internet soon enough! Muhaha! 😆

Props to Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, and Big Government.com.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the liberal main stream media?

Answer: They love calling their opponents “unpatriotic.”

Pretty ironic if you ask me. Of course, it’s just typical rhetoric you hear from the far-left who cannot make legitimate arguments so they resort to demonizing the competition. Plain and simple.

Here is a little demonization from the liberal media calling conservatives “Un-American” during the last 10 months or so:

Bill Press, syndicated columnist and former CNN host: “There’s only one thing left: to rename the party for what it really stands for. It’s no longer the Republican Party; it’s the Hate America Party.”

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post columnist: “Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so?…As Republican leaders — except RNC Chairman Michael Steele — are beginning to realize, “I’m With the Taliban Against America” is not likely to be a winning slogan.”

CNN Headline News host Joy Behar: Guest Richard Belzer: “We see, you know, they`re cheering when we don`t get the Olympics and – and demeaning the Nobel Prize…Joy Behar: Right, which is so un-American.

MSNBC’s host Ed Schultz: “This attack on President Obama trying to get the Olympics is about the most un-American thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

Radio host Cynthia Hardy on MSNBC’s Hardball: “So [with the case of Rep. Joe Wilson] what you get is this blatant disregard for the office of the presidency, which is extremely un-American.”

MSNBC’s host  Ed Schultz: “Rush must have been popping a few too many pills that particular day. Turning a hopeful message about the resiliency of Americans into a partisan attack. That’s un-American ‘Psycho Talk,’ which is par for the course.”

Blogger Steve Clemons, appearing on MSNBC: “Jesse Helms of North Carolina was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years. And many of these folks that have come into their own today, particularly in the Bush administration, were essentially tutored by Helms to bring, you know, somewhat of a ‘Fortress America’ attitude to the comments, which are, I think, quite unpatriotic.”

CNN Headline News host Joy Behar: “Now why don`t you figure that this is a little unpatriotic for [Palin] to go to Hong Kong and badmouth the president of the United States? At the very least it’s disrespectful.”

Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter, appearing on MSNBC: “But they’re trying to delegitimize him in any way they can, be as disrespectful, not just to him but to the office as they can. And to my mind, to be actually, what I would call unpatriotic in their approach.”

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann: “How are Democrats, anything but at best — I`ll use this combination — irresponsible at worst, unpatriotic for giving that party more say than utterly necessary than what they have already in many amendments of this bill in health care reform.”

How can you call conservatives unpatriotic? In general, the ideology of conservatives is based on the traditional values that founded this great country. Granted, the Republican Party has lost their way throughout the years, but hopefully they’ll jump back on the right path soon.

As for the idea of a nanny state (that the far-left adores) it is just simply absurd and headed down the road of tyranny. I know there are good Democrats out there, but for the far-left… They’d love to toss a rope across the Atlantic Ocean to Western Europe and pull us together. Here’s an idea: Instead of wasting your time trying to ‘change’ America into a nanny state, why don’t you just move over there so you can sip your beverage with your pinky up in the air, pay huge taxes, and be pampered by the government. Please, I insist.

Side-Note: I am sure there were a small number of people who wanted to spite the President over the Olympics, but the majority of the opposition came from listening to what HALF the people of Chicago wanted. This might shock all you liberals out there, but half of Chicago DIDN’T want the Olympics. Reminder: It brings monster debt to almost every city, but I guess spending is one of your stronger characteristics.

But of course, like most liberals, they feel they know what’s best for everyone and that they’re on Earth to put you down the right path… Involuntary.


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StimMoney newlogo

Stockbridge, GA

Stockbridge, GA


Jason Pye for United Liberty saw these pictures on his way into work:

I noticed something on the sign for a project in Stockbridge (Henry County, Georgia). It looks like someone had a little fun with the project sign for a local project funded by federal “stimulus” dollars, which was entirely funded on the backs of future taxpayers.

Side-Note: Apparently this road was only seven years old and it got repaved. Are you joking? This is in GEORGIA! Maybe it would be acceptable if it were in my home state of Michigan. After all, it snows here!

Props to whoever altered this B.S. stimulus sign. Creative thinking at work!

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