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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND)?

Answer: “Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye…”

FOX News has just reported:

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd will not seek re-election this fall, Fox News confirmed early Wednesday.

The five-term Democrat is expected to make an announcement later in the day. The officials who disclosed his plans would speak only on condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement.

Dodd is facing troubling poll numbers and his popularity has dropped since his 2008 failed run for president.

Word of his retirement comes hours after North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan announced he will not seek re-election.

Dorgan’s surprise announcement dealt another blow to Democrats already struggling to protect their Senate majority.

The announcements will complicate efforts by Democrats to maintain their advantage in the Senate, where they hold an effective 60-40 majority, including two independents who align themselves with Democrats. That’s just enough to break Republican filibusters if all 60 stick together.

Poor Democrats! This week has been really rough for them. Not only did Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) retire, but Democratic Lt. Gov. John Cherry decided today that he would not run for Governor in Michigan. Don’t forget about Gov. Bill Ritter (D-CO) who also decided to withdraw from his re-election race.

Side-Note: And I thought it was the Republican Party that was falling apart? Care to comment liberals and the media? 😀


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