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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the new 112th Congress?

Answer: Republicans will bring up a healthcare repeal measure.

The New York Times reports:

Soon after the 112th Congress convenes Wednesday, Republicans in the House plan to make good on a campaign promise that helped vault many new members to victory: voting to repeal President Obama’s health care overhaul.

The vote, which Republican leaders pledged would occur before the president’s State of the Union address later this month, is intended both to appeal to the Tea Party-influenced factions of the House Republican base and to emphasize the muscle of the new party in power. But it could also produce an unintended consequence: a chance for Democrats once again to try their case in support of the health care overhaul before the American public.

First of all, the repeal effort will more than likely fail, but it will show the American people that the new Republican majority in the United States House of Representatives is down to play hardball.

Secondly, I love the New York Times’ wishful thinking. I don’t know where these so-called journalists – Jennifer Steinhauer and Robert Pear – have been, but President Obama’s health care overhaul is still (and will always be) unpopular. After all, a majority of the Democrats that ran for reelection back in November ran away from their so-called “historic” health care reform accomplishment.

What makes these journalists think that the American people will suddenly embrace the hijacking of one-sixth of our economy? Oh yeah… I forgot that these are the same political ideologues that believe it’s a “messaging” problem when it comes to health care reform. I don’t know about the New Yorks Times, but I find these to be great reasons to hate it:

You get the picture… Bring on the repeal vote!

*UPDATE* – January 3, 2011 – 10:12 PM.

Bill Kristol – from The Weekly Standard – reports:

I’m told the Speaker’s office is about to announce that the House Rules Committee will meet on Thursday, and that a rule to consider the repeal of Obamacare will be brought to the House floor on Friday.  The House will then vote on the repeal of Obamacare on Wednesday, January 12. In order to comply with the new transparency rules, the repeal legislation will be posted tonight, available here.

I was waiting to post this update on my blog until the legislation was posted online. Well folks, it is here! Introducing The Job-Killing Health Care Law and Health Care-Related Provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. Click here to read the official legislation.

Props to US Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) for coming up with that straight-to-the-point name for the legislation!

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