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Wonder what you would find if you frisked North Dakota Democratic U.S. Senator Kent Conrad’s re-election strategy for 2012?

Answer: Retirement.

The USA Today reports:

Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota reportedly plans to announce his retirement today.

The Washington Post and Politico reported the news, citing two unnamed Democratic sources.

If Conrad retires, that would create an opportunity for Republicans. Last year, Republican John Hoeven easily won the U.S. Senate seat of Byron Dorgan, who retired after 18 years.

Conrad, 62, has been in the Senate since 1987. He is chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and a member of President Obama’s [worthless] debt commission.

Sen. Conrad must be one of the few Democrats who actually recognized the aftermath of the Republican tidal wave that hit the country last fall and realized his odds at winning re-election were quite slim. After all, Hoeven (R) won Dorgan’s old Senate seat with 76.2% of the vote.

Although the Democrats currently have a 53-47 voting edge in the U.S. Senate, they will have to defend 23 Senate seats. Fortunately for the Republicans, we only have 10 Senate seats up for re-election.

Bring it on!

*UPDATE* – January 18, 2011 – 11:10 AM.

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Communications Director Brian Walsh released a statement regarding the North Dakota Senate race:

In the wake of Senator Hoeven’s overwhelming victory last year, Senate Republicans fully expected North Dakota to be a major battleground in 2012, but Senator Conrad’s retirement dramatically reshapes this race in the Republicans’ favor.

Like millions of voters across the country, North Dakotans sent a strong message in November that they are tired of the massive spending and growing debt that we have been seeing from Washington. That is why the Democrats’ big government agenda will be a major impediment to any Democrat challenger who may now step forward in this race.

We believe this race represents one of the strongest pickup opportunities for Senate Republicans this cycle and will invest whatever resources are necessary to win next year.


As a Republican, it is completely natural to be very optimistic, but we must remember that Governor-now-Senator John Hoeven had an approval rating above 80 percent before he won last November.

Let’s hope that a strong and competent Conservative Republican will rise to the occasion to take on whoever the Democrats throw in the race.

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