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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Republican National Committee meetings in Hawaii last week?

Answer: They decided on four possible locations to host the 2012 RNC Convention.

Although the next batch of presidential campaigns won’t begin for over year, it is never too early to plan ahead. The National Journal’s Hotline reports:

The RNC has narrowed its search for a ’12 convention location to 4 cities, several party sources tell Hotline OnCall.

In a vote at the Winter meetings in Honolulu late last week, the party narrowed its search to Salt Lake City, Tampa, Phoenix and Houston.

The RNC’s site selection committee, headed by MI committeewoman Holly Hughes, will visit each of the 4 cities later this year to go over logistics, examine hotel and conference capacity and the facility for the convention itself. An RNC spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

Each city has its perks for the GOP:

[…] Tampa and Phoenix sit in swing states, while TX has an exploding Hispanic population — a demographic GOPers are keen to attract after they appear to be slipping toward Dems.

And Salt Lake City would be the first inner-mountain West city for a GOP convention. Pres. Obama won NV, CO and NM in ’08, 3 states the GOP must win to reclaim the WH.

Choose wisely Republican National Committee. 😉

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