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Wonder what you would find if you frisked GOP Whip Eric Cantor’s campaign office?

Answer: It was shot!

These attacks from the far-left (and far-right) are completely ridiculous!

FOX News reports:

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor said Thursday that his Richmond campaign office has been shot at and that he’s received “threatening e-mails” — but at the same time the House minority whip accused top Democrats of trying to exploit the threats they’ve been receiving for “political gain.”

Cantor said “a bullet was shot through the window” of his campaign office. The incident happened Monday, Fox News has learned, the latest in a rash of apparent threats and acts of intimidation against members of Congress. Most of the threats so far have been reported by Democrats, but Cantor — the No. 2 Republican in the House — is one of about 10 lawmakers who has asked for increased security protection, Fox News has learned.

In brief and pointed remarks, Cantor said he would not be releasing any information about the other threats he’s received, as some lawmakers have done, out of concern that it would “encourage more to be sent.”

And he admonished his colleagues — specifically Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine — for “dangerously fanning the flames by suggesting these incidents be used as a political weapon.”

Check out Eric Canter’s statement regarding certain Democrats using these absurd attacks for their political gain:

Although this socialized health-care bill will change our lives for the worse, we cannot be out there running amuck that will undoubtedly drown out our message… It’s the liberal mainstream media people! They will use any absurd actions from a select few crazies to generalize the entire opposition to this bill.

If you want to throw something hard at the politicians you oppose, throw your vote hard into the ballot box that will hopefully remove them from office in November!

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