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Obama Admin cry babies!

Obama Admin cry babies!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the relationship between the Obama Administration and the media?

Answer: A bunch of whiners!

What’s that? The Obama Administration’s press relations group doesn’t act very professional? Ah, of course. Do we really expect them to??

It was off the races for Obama on his Sunday media blitz that entailed five interviews on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and… Univision. HAHA! That’s right folks, instead of choosing the network with the largest audience (FOX News), Obama chose the Spanish-language network Univision. What a joke:

The most logical move would be to appear on Fox, considering they draw millions of viewers more than their cable news rivals. If he needs to clear up perceived misconceptions related to messaging, Obama should have appeared on the cable network with the largest audience, and audience that coincidentally holds those same “misconceptions.”  That would be the perfect place to clarify the tough questions, providing he could answer them.  But, alas, he passed on the opportunity.

Unfortunately for Obama, he seriously missed the mark on ACORN and health care.  He had nothing new to say about his health care plans and he mistakenly conveyed the image he is above the ACORN story. People care about corruption and they care about the misuse of taxpayer money.  They want the President to reassure them that their money will not continue to fund corrupt organizations, especially when the President’s party is trying to convince them to support government run health care.

Inconsistencies like these are making it easier and easier to ignore Obama.  His administration clearly needs a major shakeup in quality of advisers, messaging, and strategy.

The White House tries to pull of the same moves during each media blitz and then goes back to its roots of ridiculing the opposition. This is one VERY arrogant administration! Until they realize that spewing the same ol’ propaganda on the same ol’ liberal networks doesn’t work, they are most likely bound to fail.

Props to Chris Wallace, he summed it up nicely.

Reminder to Obama: This isn’t Burger King sir… You can’t always ‘have it your way’!

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