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Glenn Beck breaks it down.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the comparison between deficits as a percentage of GDP from actual budgets during the Bush and Clinton presidencies to the current White House projections for future budget deficits under President Obama’s plan?

Answer: Glenn Beck breaks it down.

The Right Scoop breaks down the segment posted above:

[…] In this clip he is hypothetically attributing the years of Obama’s spending to Bush (as Obama would have you believe) to show what Obama’s best year would look like against prior administration’s deficit spending. The first two columns represent the average % of deficit to GDP for Clinton and Bush.

As this clip starts, he has already attributed the first 2 years of Obama’s term to Bush and proceeds to do the same for the following two years. He ends up with what would be Obama’s best year ever regarding the deficit – the 1st year of his second term. Again, all of this according to the White House numbers.

Yup… That’s right President Obama, keep blaming it ALL on former President Bush. With Obama promising to start getting tough on deficits, anyone with a brain has to be on the ground laughing at that statement. It’s simple: His spending is absolutely OVERWHELMING! ❗

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Is it though?

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the political world over the past decade?

Answer: Reason.tv says it was the worst political decade… ever.

Haha. The video by Nick Gillespie from Reason TV is pretty creative, but was this really the worst political decade…ever?

Ed Morrissey does a little bit of reminiscing on some the past political decades:

I’ll offer a few options for worst decade. The 1970s had an impeachment, the sacking of an American embassy, and stagflation that an interim President attempted to fight with … lapel buttons. The 1960s had a series of assassinations and social unrest. We fought a world war in the 1940s, and won it only to be confronted with a Cold War that would last more than four decades. The 1930s brought economic ruin and introduced massive expansions of federal government and authority that still haunt us. And don’t even get me started about the 1860s, which almost tore the country apart.

Hmm… Decisions… Decisions…

Side-Note: I love Howard Dean’s scream that was placed right at the very end. It added a nice touch on to the video, haha.

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