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Wonder what you would find if you frisked liberal attorney Gloria Allred’s “smoking gun” against California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman?

Answer: Just another dirty political attack with absolutely no evidence.

How do I know? Just watch the video clip above. Greta Van Susteren absolutely destroyed the “ambulance chaser” of women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred. Unfortunately, this is just another character assassination against another Conservative woman by the far-left and mainstream media.

The fact is, the far-left is desperate this election cycle and has to resort to these awful demonization tactics in order to get elected. Will they work? Gosh, I hope not…

In the end, I hope Gloria feels good that she got this lady deported. After all, the house maid (Nicky Diaz) made $23 per hour for nine years. Darn, I wonder how many people would LOVE that job?

*UPDATE* – November 24, 2010 – 2:45 PM:

Shocking… The California Nurses Union was behind the last minute attack on Meg Whitman. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

One of the most tantalizing mysteries in California’s 2010 gubernatorial election involved the connection between one of the state’s poorest women and one of its wealthiest.

How did an undocumented, Mexican-born housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan, end up in the national spotlight, boldly confronting her former boss, billionaire GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman?

The short answer: with the help of a union.

The longer answer is that at the height of the gubernatorial race, as campaign ads blared on Spanish-language television, the aggrieved housekeeper was determined to tell Californians her story of being abruptly fired by Whitman after nearly a decade on the job.

In early September, Diaz turned to a friend who knew a member of the powerful, Oakland-based California Nurses Association, The Chronicle has learned.

The union called in two lawyers for Diaz: Marc Van Der Hout, a longtime immigration attorney in San Francisco, and celebrity feminist attorney Gloria Allred, a fierce workplace rights litigator who arranged for Diaz to tell her story in a live-webcast news conference.

Asked to confirm her organization’s role in Diaz’s case, Rose Ann DeMoro, the nurses union executive director, said Monday, “I won’t deny it, but I prefer not to comment directly on the case.

This is just another example of the pathetic tactics used by organized labor unions. Quite frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the cost analysis between Sarah Palin’s crib notes and President Obama’s teleprompter?

Answer: There is a pretty big price difference between the two.

Props to Zombie – from Pajamas Media – for this one:

Most politicians use “crib notes” of some kind while giving speeches.

Some bring 3×5 cards listing key points. Others refer to handwritten rough drafts. And some even read from pages on which the entire speech has been printed out.

But Barack Obama and Sarah Palin each have their own unique crib notes technology. The two diagrams below analyze how much each type of technology costs per speech.

Check out case study #1:

And now check out case study #2:

HAHA! Absolutely brilliant!

Side-Note: For the record, writing a few keywords on your hand cannot be compared to an individual that gives hour long speeches which are completely written out and read word for word from a teleprompter. I realize it is hard for some far-left liberals to understand, but keywords are not speeches. They are simply reminders that need to be articulated into meaningful sentences and we all know how Obama reacts when his teleprompter goes out:

Haha… 😆

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Blogger Pamela Geller.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked CNN Headline News’ Joy Behar Show last night?

Answer: Pamela Geller – blogger for Atlas Shruggs – absolutely destroys Joy Behar, Ron Reagan Jr., and Stephanie Miller.

Wow… I swear, this is a perfect example of how liberals love to use the tactic of demonization to attack others with an opposing view. There must be absolutely no planning before going on air, because it is perfectly clear what will take place: Joy Behar plays clips of Sarah Palin and her liberal guests attempt to attack her with the most disrespectful and hateful language they can possibly think of without using any expletives. What a hell of a show! Don’t you agree? At least this time Pamela Geller was there to keep the discussion amongst the hateful individuals somewhat sane.

Anthony G. Martin – from The Examiner – points out a fact that liberals love to ignore when it comes to Sarah Palin:

It is interesting that Leftwing Hollywood types such as Behar will quickly harp on Palin’s ‘prompt-words’ written on her hand while totally ignoring Barack Obama’s constant reliance on the teleprompter, even when addressing elementary school children.

Ah yes! The liberal hypocrisy… You got to love it, because it is so entertaining at times. Unfortunately, other times far-left liberals go way beyond the point of actual sanity. Here’s an example of an email Pamela Geller received after defending former Gov. Palin on The Joy Behar Show:

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 2/9/2010 12:28:27 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

Wow. You made yourself look like a complete dumb bitch on the Joy Beher show tonight. You have no damn clue what you’re talking about, and you remind me of Sarah Palin infact you two dumb bitches could be the same person. You say nasty things about a former president, and attack his son. I really hope you feel proud of yourself. You dumb ignorant s.o.b. why don’t you crawl back into the hole you came out of and die!

Absolutely disgusting and this segment from The Joy Behar Show just proves why FOX News’ Red Eye – which airs at 3 AM – is beating CNN’s prime-time again! CNN channels and shows are officially becoming a dumping ground and Joy Behar’s show is sitting right on top.  Congratulations CNN. 🙄

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Sarah Palin during her speech at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee?

Answer: A few words jotted down on her left palm and for some reason the liberal mainstream media has been going crazy over it.

Wow… I can’t believe I’m actually wasting my time by posting this story on my blog, but it has been huge news for the far-left liberal idiots out there. Why? I will let the Founding Bloggers explain:

[…] the outrage on the left is being completely misunderstood by the right. Democrats don’t mind that she needed a few notes for her speech. They’re upset that Sarah used her hand, proving once again that she is an unsophisticated hick. Everybody knows that whether you’re taking to sixth grade classroom, or talking dirty to the First Lady, using anything other than a presidential level teleprompter is simply pedestrian.

And if you don’t believe that liberals would actually waste their time with this worthless and unimportant story, click here and check this out:

I swear, when liberals think they have found the slightest flaw of Sarah Palin, they flock to it like flies on a pile of manure.

Folks, let’s be honest here. What is worse: A few keywords jotted down on your palm for a speech or setting up teleprompters in 6th grade classrooms?:

Hmm… That’s a tough question to answer. 😆

No worries though, because she knows how to fight back! Earlier today, former Governor Sarah Palin wrote “Hi Mom!” on her palm during her campaign stop with Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Check it out:

Props to Gateway Pundit for proving these photos were real.

Click here if you would like to read a whole list of moronic comebacks aimed at Sarah Palin’s “Hi Mom” retaliation, haha.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked a desperate group of liberals?

Answer: Palin haters plan to release a lookalike attack book on the same day as her own book.

Who’s behind this load of B.S.? Well, here it is:

So the editors of The Nation, the venerable progressive political magazine, are releasing a copycat book timed to make a little cash off of their bête noir, Sarah Palin.  Palin’s book, Going Rogue, will hit bookstores in mid-November, and so Richard Kim and Betsy Reed are rushing a “collection of essays” about Palin through the publication process to match her book — and match its cover as well.

What a bunch of pathetic writers. They have to use a copycat cover and old Palin bashing material in oder to make a quick penny. Pff! If you think that’s bad, check out how they are promoting their book (if you can call it that):

The most honest, revealing account of the Palin story to appear this fall? You betcha!

Sarah Palin has many faces: hockey mom, fundamentalist Christian, sex symbol, Republican ideologue, fashion icon, “maverick” populist. But, above all, Palin has become one thing: an American obsession that just won’t go away. Edited by two senior editors at The Nation magazine, this sharp, smart, up-to-the-minute book examines Palin’s quirky origins in Wasilla, Alaska, her spectacular rise to the effective leadership of the Republican Party, and the nightmarish prospect of her continuing to dominate the nation’s political scene.

Once again, liberals turn to what they do best… Demonize their competition. This just goes to show how scared the left is of Sarah Palin.

To pre-order Sarah Palin’s book, click here.

Side-Note: If your interested in buying Sarah Palin’s actual book, make sure the cover matches the one on that’s on the left in the picture shown above.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the liberal main stream media?

Answer: They love calling their opponents “unpatriotic.”

Pretty ironic if you ask me. Of course, it’s just typical rhetoric you hear from the far-left who cannot make legitimate arguments so they resort to demonizing the competition. Plain and simple.

Here is a little demonization from the liberal media calling conservatives “Un-American” during the last 10 months or so:

Bill Press, syndicated columnist and former CNN host: “There’s only one thing left: to rename the party for what it really stands for. It’s no longer the Republican Party; it’s the Hate America Party.”

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post columnist: “Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so?…As Republican leaders — except RNC Chairman Michael Steele — are beginning to realize, “I’m With the Taliban Against America” is not likely to be a winning slogan.”

CNN Headline News host Joy Behar: Guest Richard Belzer: “We see, you know, they`re cheering when we don`t get the Olympics and – and demeaning the Nobel Prize…Joy Behar: Right, which is so un-American.

MSNBC’s host Ed Schultz: “This attack on President Obama trying to get the Olympics is about the most un-American thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

Radio host Cynthia Hardy on MSNBC’s Hardball: “So [with the case of Rep. Joe Wilson] what you get is this blatant disregard for the office of the presidency, which is extremely un-American.”

MSNBC’s host  Ed Schultz: “Rush must have been popping a few too many pills that particular day. Turning a hopeful message about the resiliency of Americans into a partisan attack. That’s un-American ‘Psycho Talk,’ which is par for the course.”

Blogger Steve Clemons, appearing on MSNBC: “Jesse Helms of North Carolina was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years. And many of these folks that have come into their own today, particularly in the Bush administration, were essentially tutored by Helms to bring, you know, somewhat of a ‘Fortress America’ attitude to the comments, which are, I think, quite unpatriotic.”

CNN Headline News host Joy Behar: “Now why don`t you figure that this is a little unpatriotic for [Palin] to go to Hong Kong and badmouth the president of the United States? At the very least it’s disrespectful.”

Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter, appearing on MSNBC: “But they’re trying to delegitimize him in any way they can, be as disrespectful, not just to him but to the office as they can. And to my mind, to be actually, what I would call unpatriotic in their approach.”

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann: “How are Democrats, anything but at best — I`ll use this combination — irresponsible at worst, unpatriotic for giving that party more say than utterly necessary than what they have already in many amendments of this bill in health care reform.”

How can you call conservatives unpatriotic? In general, the ideology of conservatives is based on the traditional values that founded this great country. Granted, the Republican Party has lost their way throughout the years, but hopefully they’ll jump back on the right path soon.

As for the idea of a nanny state (that the far-left adores) it is just simply absurd and headed down the road of tyranny. I know there are good Democrats out there, but for the far-left… They’d love to toss a rope across the Atlantic Ocean to Western Europe and pull us together. Here’s an idea: Instead of wasting your time trying to ‘change’ America into a nanny state, why don’t you just move over there so you can sip your beverage with your pinky up in the air, pay huge taxes, and be pampered by the government. Please, I insist.

Side-Note: I am sure there were a small number of people who wanted to spite the President over the Olympics, but the majority of the opposition came from listening to what HALF the people of Chicago wanted. This might shock all you liberals out there, but half of Chicago DIDN’T want the Olympics. Reminder: It brings monster debt to almost every city, but I guess spending is one of your stronger characteristics.

But of course, like most liberals, they feel they know what’s best for everyone and that they’re on Earth to put you down the right path… Involuntary.


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