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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the liberal mainstream media’s coverage of the tragic Tucson, Arizona shooting?

Answer: Some of the dumbest political sound-bites you have ever heard.

Props to Reason.tv for parting together this video:

Immediately following last week’s tragic events in Tucson, television pundits fell over each another to assign blame. According to the professional talking heads–and despite any actual evidence–the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords could be pinned on the Tea Party, Ayn Rand, gold enthusiasts, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, heavy metal, marijuana, and/or the “heated rhetoric” of cable news. Reason.tv trawls the archives and compiles the dumbest responses from America’s dumbest pundits.

To be honest, with all of the stupidity that came from the mainstream media last week, I am pretty sure that this video could have easily been a lot longer.

After watching a video like this, it is hard not to want to shake some sense into these people. Wait… Is shaking too “vitriolic” these days? I can’t keep track anymore.

Side-Note: Not like any of you care, but I am starting to get extremely annoyed by the word “vitriol” being tossed around by political pundits more often than a game of Hot Potato. I beg you all, please open up a thesaurus and find a few alternatives.

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Dictator Hugo Chavez

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the mental state of Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez and actor Danny Glover?

Answer: Both have a few screws loose in their noggins.

First of all, I don’t know if I even need to go into any details about what Hugo Chavez said, because it’s just utterly stupid. I’m sure the United States sent this make-believe weapon into Haiti so we can clean up the mess using all of our resources… No.

Secondly, The Danny Glover clip has already gone public a few days ago, but I figured I would throw it in with the idiotic clip from Hugo Chavez. I’m sure if we accomplished a deal in Copenhagen, Mother Nature would not have blessed Haiti with a terrible natural disaster. Where do these idiotic ideas and conspiracy theories come from!?

Side-Note: Next time I’m driving down the highway, I might toss a copy of Lethal Weapon out the window just to spite Danny Glover. How’s that for biodegradable?

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Baucus’s newly written Obama-Care bill?

Answer: Who knows!? The damn thing is 1,502 pages long!


And we all thought the original H.R. 3200 Obama-Care bill was huge. Now we got ourselves another Mount Everest, in the form of paper, on our hands:

The Senate Finance Committee filed its sweeping health care reform bill Monday and its release served largely to highlight the divisions among Democrats over the direction of reform.

The massive, 1,500 page bill is expected to serve as the backbone for Democratic reform efforts going forward and five senators expressed concerns about one of its main provisions, a 40 percent tax on high-end insurance plans.

It’s important to remember that the bill won’t exist in this form for long. Senate Majority Leader Reid and Sens. Max Baucus and Chris Dodd along with senior White House aides are merging the Finance and Health Committee legislation into one bill that will be considered on the floor of the Senate. The behind-closed-doors dealings have drawn criticism from Republicans, particularly because President Obama had promised a transparent process and pledged to negotiate the health care bill on C-SPAN.

Ahh yes! The lovely transparency promises made by Obama during the campaign. Being able to watch the health-care negotiations on C-SPAN would be kind of helpful right now. Whatever happened to that and all of the other promises? I haven’t seen one single  transparency promise kept yet. Mr. President, I’m throwing on the Jeopardy theme song and waiting…

[Do, doot, do, doot, do, doot, doooo. Do, doot, do, doot, DOOT, do, do, do]

It will be interesting to see what’s uncovered in this heap of paper that politicians call a ‘bill’.

Side-Note: If environmentalists want to complain about something, maybe they should attack the liberals drafting these health-care bills that probably take a whole tree to print. Just a suggestion. After all, to carry this bill around you would have to take a lift dolly to work each day.

1,502 PAGES! WTH! 😡


Speaking of transparency and un-kept promises by Obama… The Republican National Committee just released this political advertisement about it:

Perfect. Once again, we’re waiting Obama… Don’t make me sing the Jeopardy theme song again!

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