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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the George Soros-funded smear site Think Progress?

Answer: A liberal blogger that really sucks at his job.

Fox Nation reports:

Yesterday at CPAC in Washington DC, a liberal blogger from a Soros-funded smear site attempted to “ambush” Fox News’ Jesse Watters, who was covering the conservative conference for FoxNation.com and whose “ambush” interviews are frequently featured on The O’Reilly Factor. It was an embarrassing disaster for the little left-wing blogger. We’re surprised he posted the video because it was such a failure, but thrilled he did.

Haha. “Watch the blazer, bro.”

For the record, this is how you ambush.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked President Obama’s Cash-for-Clunkers incentive program?

Answer: It was an absolute failure.

Seriously, are we really shocked by this news? If you are a conservative individual, nope. If you are a lost liberal ideologue, you are probably scratching your heading and wondering: “Hmm… What went wrong?”

Hot Air and Coyote Blog reports:

The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress offered the Cash for Clunkers program as a Keynesian stimulus for auto sales, arguing that they could stimulate the industry as a whole through the expense of several billion dollars in public funds.  Did it work? Coyote Blog parsed the retail sales data from the Census Bureau and discovered that it had no impact in the overall growth rate of sales after a collapse in 2008.

The data show that the government stimulus did increase sales — but that the following month, sales dropped in proportion to the spike.  The three-week incentive program simply moved sales from the future into the present, and did nothing to increase organic demand even in a relatively short run.  Sales had already begun to rebound in the spring, even with the Cash for Clunkers proposal moving through Congress.

Just great…

In the end, the federal government spent billions of taxpayer dollars – that we don’t have – on incentivizing people who would have bought brand new cars anyway. What else did we gain from President Obama’s Cash-for-Clunkers program? More debt stacked on top of our already massive budget deficit. Yippy!

One word: FAIL.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked President Obama’s socialized health-care reform bill… for the gazzillionth time?

Answer: It may have accidentally stripped Congress of health coverage!

HAHA! 😆 Oops!

The New York Times reports (I know… I’m surprised too):

[…] the law may “remove members of Congress and Congressional staff” from their current coverage, in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, before any alternatives are available.


The law apparently bars members of Congress from the federal employees health program, on the assumption that lawmakers should join many of their constituents in getting coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges.

But the research service found that this provision was written in an imprecise, confusing way, so it is not clear when it takes effect.

The new exchanges do not have to be in operation until 2014. But because of a possible “drafting error,” the report says, Congress did not specify an effective date for the section excluding lawmakers from the existing program.

Under well-established canons of statutory interpretation, the report said, “a law takes effect on the date of its enactment” unless Congress clearly specifies otherwise. And Congress did not specify any other effective date for this part of the health care law. The law was enacted when President Obama signed it three weeks ago.

The unintended consequences of this enormous health-care bill was inevitable. Unfortunately, the corrupt liberal mainstream media decided to report on what’s actually in the bill after the massive government expansion/entitlement passed.

Excellent point by the NYT: “If they did not know exactly what they were doing to themselves, did lawmakers who wrote and passed the bill fully grasp the details of how it would influence the lives of other Americans?” Hmm… That is a good question and like I said above, it would have been nice if they decided to do their jobs as journalists beforehand.

Could this be more reason to repeal this monstrosity called “Obama-Care”? I think I will go ahead and label this another EPIC FAIL created by the Democratic Party. Not looking good… They have been on a roll lately!

Reminder: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said we’d have to pass the bill so that people could find out what’s in it. Apparently, she didn’t read this P.O.S. during the year long health-care debate. Vote her out!

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Martha Coakley (D)

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Martha Coakley’s husband trying to give a fellow officer a handshake this morning at a Massachusetts polling station?

Answer: Epic fail.


Oh yeah… I almost forgot to mention, Coakley’s husband is also a former cop. Ouch!

If you would like to watch Scott Brown enter his local polling station while several police officers made it a point to shake his hand, click here.

Let’s go Scotty B!

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND)?

Answer: “Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye…”

FOX News has just reported:

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd will not seek re-election this fall, Fox News confirmed early Wednesday.

The five-term Democrat is expected to make an announcement later in the day. The officials who disclosed his plans would speak only on condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement.

Dodd is facing troubling poll numbers and his popularity has dropped since his 2008 failed run for president.

Word of his retirement comes hours after North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan announced he will not seek re-election.

Dorgan’s surprise announcement dealt another blow to Democrats already struggling to protect their Senate majority.

The announcements will complicate efforts by Democrats to maintain their advantage in the Senate, where they hold an effective 60-40 majority, including two independents who align themselves with Democrats. That’s just enough to break Republican filibusters if all 60 stick together.

Poor Democrats! This week has been really rough for them. Not only did Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) retire, but Democratic Lt. Gov. John Cherry decided today that he would not run for Governor in Michigan. Don’t forget about Gov. Bill Ritter (D-CO) who also decided to withdraw from his re-election race.

Side-Note: And I thought it was the Republican Party that was falling apart? Care to comment liberals and the media? 😀

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