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Now this is what I call a political masterpiece!

HAHA! I absolutely love this graphic design/photograph. I knew it was going to be good when I saw this on David Bugnon’s Twitter page:

Priceless! Keep up the great work and let’s hope Scott Brown (R) can pull of the miracle in Massachusetts on Tuesday!



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Obama enters talk w/ wildfires.

Obama enters talk w/ wildfires.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked President Obama’s busy schedule?

Answer: Obama plans to enter diplomatic talks with the raging wildfires occurring out west.


Oh my, I think I fell over laughing after I watched this video clip created by the Onion News Network.

The Nobel Peace Prize and slow decision making on the war in Afghanistan is really starting to take a toll on the President. Awesome political satire since the President is loved by everyone around the world, but respected by no one (except those in America). Is he weak on foreign affairs? You bet. Haha – this plays off that nicely.

Why can’t more liberals do this well at political comedy? Cough*SNL*Cough.

Side-Note: Also, be sure to tune into CNN for a fact check on this comedic skit, haha. No seriously… Like this one after the SNL skit aired.

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