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Wonder what you would find if you frisked President Obama’s enormous socialized health-care reform bill?

Answer: Another anti-growth mandate!

Go figure! More hidden negatives involving President Obama’s health-care reform bill have surfaced. This is all starting to make sense now, because – according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Unfortunately, she might actually be right…

The Associated Press reports:

A requirement tucked into the nation’s massive health care bill will make calorie counts impossible for thousands of restaurants to hide and difficult for consumers to ignore. More than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards and even drive-throughs.

The new law, which applies to any restaurant with 20 or more locations, directs the Food and Drug Administration to create a new national standard for menu labeling, superseding a growing number of state and city laws. President Barack Obama was expected to sign the health care legislation Tuesday.

The idea is to make sure that customers process the calorie information as they are ordering. Many restaurants currently post nutritional information in a hallway, on a hamburger wrapper or on their Web site. The new law will make calories immediately available for most items.

“The nutrition information is right on the menu or menu board next to the name of the menu item, rather than in a pamphlet or in tiny print on a poster, so that consumers can see it when they are making ordering decisions,” says Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, who wrote the provision.

Talk about anti-business growth! Unfortunately restaurants aren’t the only thing getting attacked with the help of this Obama-Care mandate: Vending machines are also fair game:

The law will also apply to foods sold in vending machines, specifically those that do not have visible calorie listings on the front of the package.

Granted, knowing the exact number of calories in every single little item is not always a bad thing, but this is just ridiculous. I am pretty confidant that I can pick out the right food for myself, whether it’s healthy or loaded with everything that’s terrible for you.

Also, think of the negative economic impact this ‘mandate’ will have on thousands of small businesses across the country! Yes, the huge food chains – such as McDonalds and Applebees – will likely survive this petty mandate, but what about the food chains with just over 20 locations? Or how about the food chains with just under 20 locations, but plan on expanding their business in the near future? Those are the businesses that might not be able to fork up the extra money to have their entire menu tested at a lab, menus redesigned, and new drive-through boards installed outside. Unfortunately, we will probably be waving goodbye to quite a few jobs for teenagers and young adults.

Thank you President Obama, FDA, and other large government expansions for reassuring me that a McDonalds’ Big Mac hamburger is still not good for my health. I appreciate the heads up… I really do.


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Wonder what you would find if you frisked some Chinese legal experts?

Answer: They are calling for a ban on eating Yellow Yellers and Simbas.

The Guardian reports:

Chinese legal experts are proposing a ban on eating dogs and cats in a contentious move to end a culinary tradition dating back thousands of years.

The recommendation will be submitted to higher authorities in April as part of a draft bill to tackle animal abuse.

In ancient times, dog meat was considered a medicinal tonic. Today, it is commonly available throughout the country, but particularly in the north where dog stew is popular for its supposed warming qualities.

In recent years, however, such traditions are increasingly criticised by an affluent, pet-loving, urban middle class. Online petitions against dog and cat consumption have attracted tens of thousands of signatures. Videos showing the maltreatment of farmed dogs have spurred protests at markets where the animals are bought and sold.

But the drafters of the new proposal want far more drastic measures, which would oblige law enforcement authorities to close down thousands of dog restaurants and butchers which supply the meat.

Well since I’m a pet person, I’m all for the ban. Personally, I’ll still stick to eating my traditional non-dog/cat Chinese food.

Side-Note: I just realized I’m actually making this story a legitimate post on Frisk  A Liberal… What is wrong with me? Haha.

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Thank you Food Network...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the television program Super Chefs Battle on the Food Network?

Answer: They’re headed to the White House!

With special guest: Michelle Obama!

At this point you just have to laugh about how obsessed the media is with this family. To be honest, the Obamas mine as well use it as much they can for their own advantage before the fascination starts to die out completely. Perhaps that’s what they are doing here on Food Network! After all, Michelle Obama’s approval rating is lagging in the polls:

new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 55% of Americans have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Mrs. Obama. That’s down 7 points, or 11%, since November’s survey and it’s her lowest approval level since holding the Bible for her Democratic husband, Barack, to take the oath of office on that cold D.C day back on Jan. 20.

Ahh yes! Granted this was probably filmed a couple months beforehand, but what’s a better way of improving your approval ratings than running to your good ol’ friends in the media? Duh! With this administration, there isn’t one.

If you are interested in watching this episode of Super Chefs Battle, flip your channel to the Food Network on Sunday, January 3, at 8p/7c. Enjoy!

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Who wants some turkey?

Wonder what you would find if you frisked a PETA Thanksgiving?

Answer: The worst feast ever.


To be honest, I thought this was a pretty simple, but creative advertisement by PETA. Granted, I definitely don’t agree with it, but it delivers its message quite well.

I figured I would post this today so it doesn’t ruin anybody’s appetite tomorrow. Enjoy!

Side-Note: I cannot wait for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Yum… Turkey and ham galore! Sorry PETA, but not eating meat is just wrong.

And for the record… Who the (H-E-Double Hockey Stick) steps on a little turkey’s head!?

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