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Wonder what you would find if you frisked The Grand Rapids Education Association?

Answer: They are going after their own members that have refused to pay their dues!

Big Government reports:

The Grand Rapids Education Association, a local affiliate of Michigan’s largest teachers’ union, is attempting to pick off one-by-one 90-some members that have refused to pay their dues.

About 18 months ago, the school board voted to no longer deduct dues from employees’ paychecks, which meant union members had to physically write a check to the union.  Many saw it as their opportunity to protest the obnoxious behavior of union leaders during a previous contract negotiation period.  The union president, Paul Helder, was particularly pompous during negotiations, claiming the union was fighting a “war on terrorism.”  He even established “War Time Committees” to organize the fight against the school board and administrators.

Marjorie Hayward objected to her president’s behavior and refused to pay up.  So the union took her to small claims court.

The judge, citing the fact that Michigan is not a right-to-work state, ruled she has to fork over the money, regardless of whether or not the union is representing her interests.

Let that marinate for a bit – because of current Michigan law, the union has the right to take a school employee to court and extract money out of her. Isn’t that grand?

If there is ever an opportunity to make Michigan a right-to-work state, this is it.

As a Michigander, this news story hits home for me. For decades, Michigan has suffered from greedy and corrupt organized labor unions, including the Michigan Education Association (MEA). Unfortunately, as mentioned in the article above, Michigan is not a Right-to-Work state and union members can be forced to surrender their hard earned money to corrupt organized labor unions that do not represent their best interests.

I am a strong proponent of Right-to-Work and hope that with our new Republican governor and state legislature we can get something done that will loosen the death grip that organized labor unions have on private and public sector workers.

As for Marjorie Hayward’s case, hopefully this ruling will open the door for the teachers to file a class-action lawsuit against the union. After all, it’s quite clear that the union did not represent their best interests.

As Governor Snyder (R) says, “It’s time to reinvent Michigan.” Let’s hope he means it.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked WOOD TV 8 in Grand Rapids over the weekend?

Answer: GOP gubernatorial candidate Mike Bouchard was a guest on an episode of To The Point with Rick Albin.

If you have the time, make sure you click on the image above to watch the interview with Mike Bouchard. In the interview, Bouchard touched on a lot of issues that concern Michiganders and will eventually pop up along the campaign trail as the November election quickly approaches. Overall, I would say the interview went extremely well and gives his campaign a much deserved boost of momentum going into April. Feel free to make a donation to Mike Bouchard’s campaign for governor:

Donate today!

Also, check out more To The Point interviews with other Republican candidates:

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Sarah Palin’s first Going Rogue book tour spot in Grand Rapids, MI?

Answer: Tons of people and a great time.

Yesterday thousands of people lined up outside and inside the Woodland Mall for a chance to meet Sarah Palin and get their copy of Going Rogue signed. Unfortunately, I had to work most of the day and made it out to Grand Rapids, Michigan late, but it definitely wasn’t a waste of time! Before Palin’s first book signing, she stepped off her tour bus and gave a brief speech to the swarm of people and media crews outside of the Barnes & Noble. As you can see from the video I recorded (posted above), I got pretty darn close. Afterwards, a group of friends and I decided we would stand in line with hopes that Palin would extend her book signing a little longer. Luckily she extended it a half-hour, but unfortunately for us we were too far back in the line. Instead, her staff handed out a number of pre-signed bookplates which I was able to get. Overall, everyone attending was incredibly nice and it made for a great time. If you are an individual thinking about attending one of her book signings, I highly recommend it. As a friendly reminder, be sure to get there really early because there will be people who camp out the night before!

Here is some pictures I was able to take of the event last night. ENJOY:


Side-Note: Take advantage and enjoy Palin’s future book tour spots, because it was a great time. Now it’s time to go read the book.


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