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Wonder what you would find if you frisked my schedule for tonight?

Answer: The Eminem and Jay-Z concert in Detroit, Michigan would be on it!

The anticipation is building:

They’re certainly the biggest concerts Detroit has seen this year: a pair of tag-team evenings with Eminem and Jay-Z at Comerica Park.

A total of more than 80,000 fans will descend onto the stadium tonight and Friday for the hip-hop spectaculars, which some are calling the most important rap concerts in history.

For Eminem, whose 2005 show at Comerica Park preceded a rocky few years off the public radar, this week culminates a triumphant comeback that has propelled him back to the top of the charts. And for hometown fans, it’s a chance for the sort of larger-than-life party that Detroit knows how to do well.

Back in 2003, I attended the Eminem & 50 Cent concert at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan and it was absolutely crazy! Thus, tonight’s concert has a lot of high expectations, but I have a feeling I’ll be shocked and amazed.

I will be Tweeting during the concert, but I will be using my personal Twitter account (@MacStoddard). Feel free to check out the latest updates and photos!

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Asher Roth over his thoughts on Obama’s Nobel Prize Prize?

Answer: A smart observation.

After decades of attacking politics in general, the hip-hop community gave up their hatred for politicians and picked up Obama campaign signs. After 9 months of awful policies, all I can say is: Wow! Finally some common sense expressed by someone in the hip-hop community (who voted for Obama). Rapper Asher Roth said this on Twitter:


And of course, did the hip-hop community enjoy Mr. Roth’s little ‘tweets’? Not at all… On their ‘Blackout’ section, Rap Radar had this to say:

You can say what you say but watch what you say about our President. Think a Nobel Prize was too soon? Fine. You are not alone. You think Obama should have accomplished more since he was sworn in this past January? Fine. You are not alone. But you young man didn’t need to express your freedom of speech in such an insensitive way. Especially mere months after your stupid Rutgers joke. You’re a part of a culture built by Black and Latinos and you continue to speak in a disrespectful way towards African-Americans. Maybe I’m being too sensitive but I just don’t like it. The hip-hop community galvanized to help elect our commander-in-chief and we shouldn’t turn our back on him this soon. What are you really doin’ to change the world, disco kid?

What a joke. Hey Rap Radar, thanks for pointing out that hip-hop culture was built by African-Americans and Latinos. May I also remind you that it was founded on the basis of FREE SPEECH. It is not disrespectful to criticize our President on his policies. I don’t know if you realized, but the Nobel Prize was based on his first 12 days… Now if you could find me anything of importance Obama accomplished in those 12 days, I’d be more than happy to side with you. But since he hasn’t done anything of importance while in office for 9 months, I doubt you’ll prove me wrong.

Props to Asher for speaking his mind and actually having some common sense.

Side-Note: People need to stop loving Obama for simply being Obama. Wake up zombies!

Another Side-Note: I remember when Killer Mike criticized Obama and I didn’t hear anyone attacking him.

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