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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Democrat-controlled Senate today?

Answer: They voted down the FY12 Republican House budget.

Hot Air reports:

In a procedural vote that represented some pretty fine political grandstanding, the Senate this evening voted down the controversial House-passed budget, 57 to 40. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled the vote to force conservative senators to go on the record in support of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan — a plan opponents say will deprive seniors of adequate health care.

The vote roughly broke down along party lines, but Republican Sens. Scott Brown (Mass.), Susan Collins (Maine), Rand Paul (SC), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) all broke ranks and voted against consideration of the budget.

It’ll be all too easy for Democrats to criticize Republicans who voted for the Ryan plan — but, before they do, they might want to consider this advice, offered in the preamble to the president’s own fiscal commission report:

In the weeks and months to come, countless advocacy groups and special interests will try mightily through expensive, dramatic and heart-wrenching media assaults to exempt themselves from shared sacrifice and common purpose. The national interest, not special interests, must prevail. We urge leaders and citizens with principled concerns about any of our recommendations to follow what we call the Becerra Rule: Don’t shoot down an idea without offering a better idea in its place.

So, what better idea have the Democrats offered? Still none. It’s been 756 days now and that number just continues to climb. The only budget to come from the left has come from the president — and that budget doesn’t exactly address what fiscal commission co-chair Erskine Bowles has called “the most predictable economic crisis in history.” The Congressional Budget Office found that the president’s FY 2012 budget would double the nation’s debt and would never achieve an annual deficit of less than $748 billion.

Leadership! Well… Maybe one of these days.

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Ladies and gentlemen, today is the BIG day! The day that we head out to the voting booth and help put a stop to President Obama and the Democrats’ reckless agenda that has done nothing but damage our country over the past twenty months. We (Conservatives) need to make sure that we get everyone out to the polls so we can help fuel the momentum that is building the tidal wave that will hopefully sweep through our country.

Don’t know where to vote? Don’t worry, because the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has put together a website where you can easily figure out where your polling location is: Click here.

During the past couple months I have been working hard at the NRSC and hope that we will see a Republican majority takeover the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

For the latest election results as they come in, click here.

Brace yourselves folks, because tomorrow will be a long day. In the meantime, check out this epic Tea Party web ad that will definitely get you excited about today’s election:

The real recovery begins today!

For those who are interested, I will try and have a separate post up later on in the night that will have election results, updates, and commentary! Tomorrow should be a good day, so let’s try and enjoy it!

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Political Ad: "Broken Promises."

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the latest political advertisement by the National Republican Senatorial Committee?

Answer: A summary of the Democrat’s “broken promises.”

Props to the NRSC! This was a brilliant advertisement that highlights many of the corrupt and unethical actions of the Democratic Party – including President Obama – over the last year or so. Now if only they would place this advertisement on television… Oh, I’d love it!

Overall, I liked how the NRSC focused on a lot of the corrupt-style politics performed by the House Democrats. Personally, I thought the last 15 second of the advertisement was the best, because it’s one hell of a political uppercut as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) describes the Democratic House as the most honest, ethical, and transparent Congress. 😆 Let’s face it, the words used by the NRSC at the end of the ad describe it best: The most corrupt, secretive, and unethical Congress.

Keep these type of political advertisements coming NRSC and hopefully it will lead to an amazing Conservative victory 2010!

Please, don’t forget to…

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Listen to Howard Dean!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Howard Dean’s interview on MSNBC?

Answer: Even he says “Kill the bill!”

Thanks Mr. Dean! Keep up the good work, but only until this monstrosity of a health-care bill is kicked out faster than a drunken Easter Bunny.

It’s always good news when there’s a small civil war building up within the Democratic Party:

The gauntlet from Dean — whose voice on health care is well respsected among liberals — will energize those on the left who are mobilizing against the bill, and make it tougher for liberals to embrace the emerging proposal.

Dean essentially said that if Democratic leaders cave into Joe Lieberman right now they’ll be left with a bill that’s not worth supporting.

Although there seems to be some skirmishes within the Democratic Party, this is still close battle between the two parties over health-care reform. Remember: Nancy Pelosi’s bill only passed by five votes and some only voted ‘Yes’ when they knew that it would be passed ahead of time. Perhaps this why Obama and other Democrats wanted a quick compromise…

Overall, lets hope this outrageous Obama-Care bill is not rammed down our throats and forced underneath our Christmas trees during this holiday season! The majority of Americans do not want this so-called ‘gift’ of more entitlements, huge government expansion, higher premiums, less quality health-care, higher taxes, and federal mandates!

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Why the handcuffs?

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Pelosi/Obama-Care plan?

Answer: The plan is so good that it includes handcuffs!

Props to Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) for asking the simple question that Democrats always fail to answer: If the ObamaCare proposal is so good, why do you have to imprison people who don’t want to participate?

There is a reason why Democrats won’t answer this question, but Ed Morrissey from Hot Air does an excellent job answering it:

Why can’t they answer? They can’t. They need to force people into the system in order to spread the costs more evenly to everyone, which is why the House took the blatantly unconstitutional path of federal mandates for health insurance. They want to solve a problem involving 13% of the American population by burdening the 87% that doesn’t have the problem at all, rather than looking for a way to reduce health-care costs for 100%.

The brilliant logic of the far-left… Trying to solve a problem by spending as much money as they possibly can while ignoring the main issues and concerns. Bravo.

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ACORNstudents copy

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Student Loans Bill that was passed in the House today?

Answer: The good… and the terrible.

Well, it finally seems ACORN is drastically losing the fight after the undercover videos were released last week! The House decided to cut all funding to ACORN today in the Student Loans Bill. And once again, the final vote was mainly bipartisan: 345-75.

Seems great news, right!? Well, not entirely. Turns the Student Loans Bill basically sets up an all-government run program. What’s that mean? Basically single-payer for student loans… Yahoo reports:

The biggest change in U.S. higher education finance in 35 years was approved on Thursday by the House of Representatives, handing a defeat to major banks and student loan giant Sallie Mae.

Lawmakers voted 253-171 in favor of legislation that would cut the banks and Sallie Mae out of a large slice of the $92 billion college student loan business, shifting most lending into a program run by theU.S. Education Department.

The bill, supported by the White House, will go next to the Senate for further consideration.

“This bill is an expansion of the government … a government takeover of an industry,” said Representative John Kline, the education committee’s top Republican.

Those Dems are sneaky, aren’t they? Another overhaul of another industry, of course! We can honestly all question: What industry will the government takeover next?

Hmm… With the Obama Adminstration, it is safe to say the possibilities are endless!

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