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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the cost analysis between Sarah Palin’s crib notes and President Obama’s teleprompter?

Answer: There is a pretty big price difference between the two.

Props to Zombie – from Pajamas Media – for this one:

Most politicians use “crib notes” of some kind while giving speeches.

Some bring 3×5 cards listing key points. Others refer to handwritten rough drafts. And some even read from pages on which the entire speech has been printed out.

But Barack Obama and Sarah Palin each have their own unique crib notes technology. The two diagrams below analyze how much each type of technology costs per speech.

Check out case study #1:

And now check out case study #2:

HAHA! Absolutely brilliant!

Side-Note: For the record, writing a few keywords on your hand cannot be compared to an individual that gives hour long speeches which are completely written out and read word for word from a teleprompter. I realize it is hard for some far-left liberals to understand, but keywords are not speeches. They are simply reminders that need to be articulated into meaningful sentences and we all know how Obama reacts when his teleprompter goes out:

Haha… 😆


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