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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Sarah Palin during her speech at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee?

Answer: A few words jotted down on her left palm and for some reason the liberal mainstream media has been going crazy over it.

Wow… I can’t believe I’m actually wasting my time by posting this story on my blog, but it has been huge news for the far-left liberal idiots out there. Why? I will let the Founding Bloggers explain:

[…] the outrage on the left is being completely misunderstood by the right. Democrats don’t mind that she needed a few notes for her speech. They’re upset that Sarah used her hand, proving once again that she is an unsophisticated hick. Everybody knows that whether you’re taking to sixth grade classroom, or talking dirty to the First Lady, using anything other than a presidential level teleprompter is simply pedestrian.

And if you don’t believe that liberals would actually waste their time with this worthless and unimportant story, click here and check this out:

I swear, when liberals think they have found the slightest flaw of Sarah Palin, they flock to it like flies on a pile of manure.

Folks, let’s be honest here. What is worse: A few keywords jotted down on your palm for a speech or setting up teleprompters in 6th grade classrooms?:

Hmm… That’s a tough question to answer. 😆

No worries though, because she knows how to fight back! Earlier today, former Governor Sarah Palin wrote “Hi Mom!” on her palm during her campaign stop with Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Check it out:

Props to Gateway Pundit for proving these photos were real.

Click here if you would like to read a whole list of moronic comebacks aimed at Sarah Palin’s “Hi Mom” retaliation, haha.


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