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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the mainstream media’s reaction to Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally?

Answer: Some of them seemed to focus on a similar observation.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

The question is, does the mainstream media feel the same way? Well, let’s find out.

Jim Treacher – from The Daily Caller – assembled a list of quotes written about the ‘Restoring Honor’ rally:

Presented without comment:

“Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King’s message.” — Associated Press

“Attendees at the rally Saturday largely honored organizer requests that they not bring banners or political signs. Instead, the predominantly white crowd, many seated on folding chairs and accompanied by their children, wore t-shirts with slogans including ‘Got principles?’ and ‘Restoring Honor.’” — AFP

“Meanwhile, many in the predominantly white crowd bent over backward to insist that they are not racists and to note that the crowd was courteous, despite heat and density.” — James Hohmann, Politico

“Beck says he and his overwhelmingly white followers ‘are the inheritors and protectors of the civil- rights movement.’” — Ben Adler, Newsweek

“Though the audience at the event was overwhelmingly white, many of the speakers were African-American, including a woman who sang a song about unity.” — Brian Montopoli, CBS

“Claiming the legacy of the nation’s Founding Fathers and repeatedly evoking civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., the speakers at the ‘Restoring Honor’ rally exhorted a vast and overwhelmingly white crowd to concentrate not on the history that has scarred the nation but instead on what makes it ‘good.’” — Philip Rucker & Carol Morello, Washington Post

“A relatively dense and overwhelmingly white crowd stretched from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial out past the Washington Monument.” — Mark Benjamin, Salon.com

“The speaker list was diverse, including African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans; Jews and Christians; clergymen, military veterans and sports stars, including Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals. The crowd, however, was overwhelmingly white.” — Michael A. Memoli and Kim Geiger, LA Times

“Out in the overwhelmingly white audience politics was everywhere, with Tea Party supporters describing the damage they envision for President Barack Obama’s Democrats in upcoming midterm elections in November.” — Mitch Potter, Toronto Star

I think that answers that question…

Oddly enough, while the liberal mainstream media stayed focused on the racial aspect of the rally, they somehow managed to completely ignore the fact that the event raised over $5.5 million for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The SOWF is a charity that helps the families of fallen soldiers… Bravo Mr. Beck and shame on you media.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked a new Zogby Interactive survey?

Answer: More people trust tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft than they do traditional media.


Zogby reports:

A Zogby Interactive survey of U.S. adults found that among Apple, Microsoft and Google, 49% had trust in each of these brands. Twitter and Facebook were rated much more poorly, with trust levels of 8% and 13% respectively.


All of these companies except Twitter were trusted more than traditional media’s 8%.

Congrats to the liberal media… You become more pathetic as each day passes. Noel Sheppard – from News Busters – sums up this survey the best:

America’s news outlets should be so proud that a website created a few years ago by a college student looking to meet girls is more trusted than they are.

I know I have already said this, but it must be repeated again… Ouch!

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Julia Reed.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the  interview between Julia Reed and Anderson Cooper on CNN?

Answer: Some poor choice of words.

The video above isn’t the best clip, but here’s what Julia Reed said:

He said I know this is going to be — lead to some, quote, difficulty for the guys who work on those rigs.

Well, if he thinks that some guys on the rigs are the only people that are going to be affected by a six-month oil moratorium, he’s out of his cotton-picking mind.

Ouch (kinda)! I say “kinda” for one reason… Julia Reed is allowed to get away with these “racist” mishaps. Why? Because she’s part of the liberal mainstream media, of course. We all know that if a Republican/Conservative referred to President Obama picking cotton the left would go absolutely bonkers!

If you would like to see the mainstream media’s reaction over this, click here.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the latest CBS/Vanity Fair survey?

Answer: Possibly the most trustworthy source of news in the United States…

Congratulations to Fox News! After all, CBS and Vanity Fair are two major liberal media outlets that like to stick together. Personally, I sense that Fox News is actually considered to be the more fair and balanced of them all – therefore more trustworthy – since this survey found CNN and FNC as pretty much equals.

Don’t forget… Fox News also demolishes CNN in the ratings too. 😆

Question: Why isn’t ‘blogs’ listed in this survey? After all, The Daily Show with John Stewart is even on there! Come on people…

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Associated Press yesterday?

Answer: An interesting headline!

Hmm… The AP makes this headline seem so awful. Perhaps the new immigration bill will be a slight success?

The question here is: What will be the next border state to pass a new law similar to Arizona’s? After all, I’m sure  those illegal immigrants “running away” from Arizona are just fleeing into other neighboring states.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked The New York Times today?

Answer: President Barack “The One” Obama… Of course.

Check out this massive, unbiased image of President Obama that’s stamped all over The New York Times website:

The New York Times.

Hmm… 🙄 Is Nola Lopez just trying to add a little ‘pizazz’ to a mysterious photograph of President Obama? Or is Nola Lopez trying to compare President Obama to Jesus? Let’s break it down:

  • If Ms. Lopez was actually trying to add a little ‘pizazz’ to the photograph, it would be quite fascinating to see how she’d treat a photograph of former President George W. Bush… Would there be nifty little designs tacked on to the photograph that displays him in a positive light? Hmm… I doubt that would happen.
  • If Ms. Lopez was trying to compare President Obama to Jesus… Well… That would not shock me either actually. After all, it is The Obama – Oops! I mean – New York Times… I am sure they have a picture of him on a wall somewhere with an alter added on.
  • Or perhaps it could be the third option: It’s simply just the Red Cross medical symbol photoshoped over a picture of President Obama that just so happens to have an odd, religious-like lighting to it. Interesting: If the Red Cross logo doesn’t originate from Christianity, then why do they have the Red Crescent for Islamic states?

Which one could it be? Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the liberal mainstream media has struck again! Oh well… They are failing miserably anyway.

Side-Note: Personally, I enjoyed the comment left by Year_Of_The_Dingo on Hot Air’s coverage of this story:

Maybe the Times is subliminally suggesting that Obama was born in Switzerland.

HAHA! Props.

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Andrew Breitbart

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the first National Tea Party Convention?

Answer: Andrew Breitbart!

What a great speech by Andrew Brietbart! I recommend that anyone stopping by Frisk A Liberal take a half-hour out of their day to watch it. Unfortunately for him, the liberal mainstream media has been obsessed with Sarah Palin’s unimportant hand notes and totally ignored Breitbart calling them out for their lack of journalistic integrity.

Props to The Founding Bloggers for filming the speech and to Andrew Breitbart for not holding any punches back!

Side-Note: I am really interested to see what Breitbart has in-store for the upcoming elections. Based off of his speech, I’m sure he has plenty of liberals out there scared.

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