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Bette Midler... Dumb!

Bette Midler... Dumb!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the debut of The Joy Behar Show on CNN?

Answer: Another hour-long program dedicated to liberal politics and conservative bashing.

Did you really expect something different people? This is one the loudest/argumentative women that was featured on the The View. Now if your dumb enough to watch The View – no literally – you would realize that every time a conservative popped up on the show it was like throwing a dead carcass to a pack of wild hyenas. Not only did they try and attack the person, but they would engage in yelling over one another trying to express each of their own opinions… sounding like? You guessed it! A wild pack of hyenas!

Now if a liberal, like Obama, showed up on the program… It becomes the biggest mushy/flirty conversation on air. It could be the middle of summer and you literally wouldn’t be surprised if each had a valentine ready to give him!

Now with that said, you now realize how pointless this television program will be. Watch the video posted above and you’ll notice this:

Midler confirmed what one would probably expect – she’s not a fan of Beck at all.

“I don’t think he’s funny even a little bit,” Midler said. “I’ve never had a laugh from Glenn Beck. In fact, I find him terrifying. I find him terrifying. He’s like an old school demagogue, and it’s really frightening.”

What did Midler compare Beck to? She likened the popular Fox News host to the instigators of the Rwandan civil war, which was the catalyst for the Rwandan genocide where an estimated 800,000 to 1 million lost their lives.

“If you look around at the rest of the world and what this kind of behavior has done, like in Rwanda, where the demagogues got on the radio and fomented all that hate between the Tutsis and the Hutus and the devastation that happened from that, I mean, it’s terrifying,” Midler said.

According to Midler, that’s a possibility in the United States.

“And that could happen, you know, you could turn on a dime,” Midler warned. “That could happen here.”

I’m Speechless… Anyone that believes a holocaust (like the one in Rwanda) could happen here in the U.S. should go open a book and it would probably be Midler’s first. I think when Bill Maher refers to America being stupid, he is referring to all the stupid comments broadcasted across the airwaves of the liberal media. After all, we all know the main stream media doesn’t represent the majority opinion in the United States of America.

Bet: What is the over/under that this show will last a whole year???

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Obama Admin cry babies!

Obama Admin cry babies!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the relationship between the Obama Administration and the media?

Answer: A bunch of whiners!

What’s that? The Obama Administration’s press relations group doesn’t act very professional? Ah, of course. Do we really expect them to??

It was off the races for Obama on his Sunday media blitz that entailed five interviews on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and… Univision. HAHA! That’s right folks, instead of choosing the network with the largest audience (FOX News), Obama chose the Spanish-language network Univision. What a joke:

The most logical move would be to appear on Fox, considering they draw millions of viewers more than their cable news rivals. If he needs to clear up perceived misconceptions related to messaging, Obama should have appeared on the cable network with the largest audience, and audience that coincidentally holds those same “misconceptions.”  That would be the perfect place to clarify the tough questions, providing he could answer them.  But, alas, he passed on the opportunity.

Unfortunately for Obama, he seriously missed the mark on ACORN and health care.  He had nothing new to say about his health care plans and he mistakenly conveyed the image he is above the ACORN story. People care about corruption and they care about the misuse of taxpayer money.  They want the President to reassure them that their money will not continue to fund corrupt organizations, especially when the President’s party is trying to convince them to support government run health care.

Inconsistencies like these are making it easier and easier to ignore Obama.  His administration clearly needs a major shakeup in quality of advisers, messaging, and strategy.

The White House tries to pull of the same moves during each media blitz and then goes back to its roots of ridiculing the opposition. This is one VERY arrogant administration! Until they realize that spewing the same ol’ propaganda on the same ol’ liberal networks doesn’t work, they are most likely bound to fail.

Props to Chris Wallace, he summed it up nicely.

Reminder to Obama: This isn’t Burger King sir… You can’t always ‘have it your way’!

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Hillary: The Movie.

Hillary: The Movie.

Welcome to the first real court ruling that Justice Sotomayor will have to judge over in the Supreme Court.

I wonder if this will even make headlines in the mainstream media?

Side note: It is funny how this documentary was censored while Hillary was campaigning for President. If I recall, didn’t Oliver Stone release a movie titled “W.” months before the 2008 election? Hmm… I’m sure that wasn’t a move to capitalize on revenue and harm the Republicans’ chances at another election. Liberals always have the best of intentions. HA!

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