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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Michelle Obama’s five-day trip to Spain?

Answer: An extraordinary amount of “tone deafness”.

The Age reports:

As the US economy endures high unemployment and a jittery stock market, President Barack Obama has preached sacrifice and fiscal discipline. But the pictures coming out of a sun-splashed Spanish resort may be sending a different message.

First lady Michelle Obama is in the midst of a five-day trip to a luxury resort along with a handful of friends, her younger daughter, aides and Secret Service. Her office said the Obamas would pay for personal expenses, but would not reveal the taxpayer cost for the government employees.


Mrs. Obama is staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton resort outside Marbella. It has two golf courses, a spa with Turkish baths, views of the Mediterranean and a restaurant specialising in avant-garde fare. Room rates start at $400 and rise to $6,500 for a two-bedroom villa.

Mrs. Obama flew in on a type of aircraft used by Vice-President Joe Biden. It costs the government $11,555 an hour to operate the plane, according to the air force. Assuming a nearly eight-hour flight to nearby Malaga, the total round-trip cost of the flight is about $178,000.

No worries though! While our economy here in America remains in shambles, it will only cost U.S. taxpayers $75,000 per day. I hope Spain’s lagging economy enjoyed a little boost, because none of that money will be going into our economy.

What was the White House thinking? Not only is this another P.R. disaster for the Obama administration, but it was just last month that Mrs. Obama made a trip to Florida’s panhandle (hit hard by the oil spill) and encouraged families to spend their vacations there. Apparently, Florida’s coast is not “extravagant” enough for the Obama’s. Boo-hoo.

How “tone deaf” is this White House? Extremely. As Ed Morrissey points out, “And it’s telling that this tone-deaf, Marie Antoinette moment comes from the administration that continues to play class warfare to expand government control over the most private aspects of American lives.”

Interesting how that one works, huh?

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First Lady Michelle Obama.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Michelle Obama’s speech at the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee in New York City back in June 2008?

Answer: She told the crowd that Barack Obama’s home country is Kenya.

Michelle Obama in 2008:

When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test.

DUN! DUN! DUN! …And the plot thickens! 😆

I realize that I cannot predict the future, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that the ‘birther’ movement will have an all-out field day with this video clip. Unfortunately, the ‘birther’ conspiracy will probably get a momentum boost this week, while the liberal mainstream media tries to paint every Conservative in America as one of these loony-toons.

Question: Since Michelle Obama brought up the issue, does that make her a ‘birther’ too? After all – according to the English Dictionary – this is how ‘home country’ is defined:

The country in which a person was born and usually raised, regardless of the present country of residence and citizenship.

Haha. Personally, I find Mrs. Obama’s comment quite entertaining, but in the end human-beings tend to misspeak time to time. I’m just saying.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the White House library?

Answer: It appears Michelle Obama enjoys herself a nice book about socialism.

I put the banner “Funny Political Pics” on this post, but I am starting to regret that decision now… Props to Rob Port – from the Say Anything Blog – for having a good eye and reporting this:

I arrived in Washington DC today to cover CPAC and since I was in town, and since CPAC doesn’t really get rolling until tomorrow, I tagged along with some Scott Hennen Show listeners on an extensive tour of the White House as part of the Common Sense Travel Club.  One of the stops on the tour (which was wonderful by the way) was the White House library.

Now, according out the person who guided our tour, the library is stock with books picked out by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.  Being a bit of a bibliophile, I started to peruse some of the books on the shelves…and lookie, lookie what I found:

This is the photograph Mr. Port took:

Hmm… Look at all those great titles: The Populist Revolt, The Socialist Party of America, The American Socialist Movement, and my absolute favorite: The Social Bias of American Communism.

Am I shocked?

Well let’s see… So far we have had multiple people within the Obama administration praising Mao Tse Tung, had a self-proclaimed communist working with the President, and a Mao Tse Tung ornament mysteriously popped up on the White House Christmas tree.

Nope. Not shocked at all by this. Sadly, it all makes sense.

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Thank you Food Network...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the television program Super Chefs Battle on the Food Network?

Answer: They’re headed to the White House!

With special guest: Michelle Obama!

At this point you just have to laugh about how obsessed the media is with this family. To be honest, the Obamas mine as well use it as much they can for their own advantage before the fascination starts to die out completely. Perhaps that’s what they are doing here on Food Network! After all, Michelle Obama’s approval rating is lagging in the polls:

new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 55% of Americans have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Mrs. Obama. That’s down 7 points, or 11%, since November’s survey and it’s her lowest approval level since holding the Bible for her Democratic husband, Barack, to take the oath of office on that cold D.C day back on Jan. 20.

Ahh yes! Granted this was probably filmed a couple months beforehand, but what’s a better way of improving your approval ratings than running to your good ol’ friends in the media? Duh! With this administration, there isn’t one.

If you are interested in watching this episode of Super Chefs Battle, flip your channel to the Food Network on Sunday, January 3, at 8p/7c. Enjoy!

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