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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the latest legislation proposed by U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC)?

Answer: He wants President Ronald Reagan’s face on the $50 bill.

FOX News reports:

Ronald Reagan’s conservative legacy has been the topic of debate for much of the last two decades. Now a Republican lawmaker is arguing that that legacy should be honored by putting Reagan’s face on the $50 bill.

Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina introduced legislation Tuesday that would replace President Ulysses S. Grant on the $50 bill with Reagan’s likeness.

“Every generation needs its own heroes,” McHenry said in a written statement. “One decade into the 21st century, it’s time to honor the last great president of the 20th and give President Reagan a place beside Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy.”

FDR’s likeness in on the dime and Kennedy’s is on the half-dollar.

McHenry pointed to a polls of presidential scholars that show Reagan consistently outranks President Grant, including a Wall Street Journal survey in 2005 that ranked Reagan sixth and Grant 29th.

But one Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee said he’s not ready to grant that honor to “someone whose policies are still controversial.”

“Our currency ought to be something that unites us,” Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., told the Los Angeles Times.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have tried to put Reagan on the $50 bill. In 2005, when Republicans controlled Congress, the attempt died in the House Financial Services Committee.

Oh boy… I think if President Reagan made his way on to the $50 bill, it would drive liberals completely insane… Let’s do it! 😆

In all seriousness, I am indifferent about putting President Reagan’s face on our $50 bill. It’s hard to pick a side because on one end of the argument you have President Ulysses S. Grant who helped us (the north) win the Civil War and on the other end you have John F. Kennedy’s face on the half-dollar who didn’t really accomplish much at all. Overall, President Reagan should have his face on some type of currency… $50 bill or something else.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked State Representative Mike Pitts (R-SC)?

Answer: He would like to ban the federal currency in South Carolina.

CBS News reports:

South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts has introduced legislation that would mandate that gold and silver coins replace federal currency as legal tender in his state.

As the Palmetto Scoop first reported, Pitts, a Republican, introduced legislation this month banning “the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin” in South Carolina.

In an interview, Pitts told Hotsheet that he believes that “if the federal government continues to spend money at the rate it’s spending money, and if it continues to print money at the rate it’s printing money, our economic system is going to collapse.”

“The Germans felt their system wouldn’t collapse, but it took a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread in the 1930s,” he said. “The Soviet Union didn’t think their system would collapse, but it did. Ours is capable of collapsing also.”

The lawmaker believes that a shift to an economy based on gold and silver coins would give the state a “base of currency” should that collapse come. As one expert told the Scoop, however, his bill would likely be ruled unconstitutional because it “violates a perfectly legal and Constitutional federal law, enacted pursuant to the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, that federal reserve notes are legal tender for all debts public and private.”

In addition, since gold and silver regularly fluctuate in value, they could not easily function as stable currency.

Very interesting… Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it gold that never fluctuates in value? It is our fiat money that fluctuates in relation to gold, but I’m just saying…

In the end, I believe South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts’ legislation is more symbolic than it is actual reality. It is common sense that our federal government cannot keep borrowing and spending at the current rate they are going, because it is simply unsustainable. Hopefully Rep. Pitts’ legislation will act as a slight pinch to the federal government that we are not dreaming: Economies can collapse… No matter how “powerful” they are.

Side-Note: I know it is early in the day, but I am just waiting for the liberal mainstream media to pick up this story and twist it as “just another right-wing extremist” trying to harm America. Haha.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Martha Coakley’s campaign?

Answer: A lot of union funding and support… well the support might be iffy.

Hmm… So much for Martha Coakley’s campaign having a lot of grassroot support behind her:

A major national union supporting Democrat Martha Coakley is taking out a massive TV ad buy that slams her Republican rival, Scott Brown, for his positions on abortion and climate change.

The ad taken out by the Service Employees International Union, will begin airing statewide tomorrow. The buy size is $685,000, one of the largest of the election.

“Before you vote for Senate, here’s a few things you should know about Scott Brown,” says a narrator in the 30-second spot. The narrator then says he “has repeatedly opposed a woman’s right to choose” and he “expresses skepticism that climate change is being caused by humans.”

HAHA! Don’t worry liberals, I’m not laughing at the fact that she got a large chunk of change to smother the airwaves with attack advertisements. It’s the fact that the money is being spent on advertisements that are a complete distortion of the facts. Perhaps Ms. Coakley should have paid more attention to Scott Brown in the debates… or the weather outside:

Brilliant. When most of the nation is locked in a deep freeze, these mega-tools are going to bring up the discredited man-made global warming hoax. As for opposing a “right to choose,” Brown is pro-choice so that line of attack just reeks of desperation.

If you don’t find any of that amusing, maybe you will find this group of union workers rallying for Martha Coakley entertaining:

Haha… Now that’s what you call priceless! If you couldn’t hear the audio that well, I’ll explain what just happened: A member of the Sheet Metal Workers union admitted that he was being forced to come down and hold a Coakley sign, but says he doesn’t mind because he’s being paid $50. Moments later he openly admits that he’s voting for Scott Brown and high-fives another Brown supporter.

Got to love it. If you would like to contribute a couple dollars to Scott Brown’s campaign for U.S. Senate, click here. The special election is January 19, 2010 so we all need to act fast.

Side-Note: Hey, remember when Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused townhall protesters of astroturfing? Yeah… For their own personal good they just shouldn’t talk sometimes.

Random-Note: For all you New England Patriots and Boston College fans, Doug Flutie has just endorsed Scott Brown! Check out the video:

Go get’em Scott!

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked State Senator Scott Brown’s campaign for Massachusetts’s special U.S. Senate election?

Answer: He raised over $1,000,000… within a single day.

Congratulations to Scott Brown! As I type – 10:45 pm – he has currently raised $1,092,498.62!

Make sure you check out this video clip from tonight’s Massachusetts U.S. Senate debate between Scott Brown (R) and Martha Coakley (D):

Can anyone say owned? I can! Apparently, Coakley felt she didn’t do a good enough job during the debate, because just minutes later she released an absurd attack advertisement. Watch it now, by clicking here. Coakley must be extremely desperate, because she decided to use the classic liberal “blame Bush” strategy within her advertisement. Hmm… She must not of realized that Scott Brown was not a U.S. Senator during George W. Bush’s Presidency. Epic failure.

Side-Note: It feels good knowing that I helped contribute to his campaign’s “money bomb” and I recommend that you contribute too! Make sure you check out his campaign website and make a donation today, by clicking here.

*UPDATE* – January 12, 2010

If you are trying to view the attack advertisement that I have linked within this blog post, it doesn’t work anymore. Due to Martha Coakley’s misspelling, they have yanked the advertisement. If you would like to know more about it, click here.

*UPDATE #2* – January 12, 2010

I found a link that works now! Check out Martha Coakley’s absurd attack advertisement, by clicking here. Notice the misspelling is still in this advertisement at the end, haha.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package?

Answer: A ton of taxpayer money was spent in nonexistent zip codes.

You have got to be kidding me… First it was $6.4 BILLION of the stimulus package going to nonexistent congressional districts and now it’s come to this:

The agency charged with tracking the stimulus funds, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, attempted to eliminate this embarrassment by lumping all the billions reported going to nonexistent Congressional districts into a new category called the “unassigned” Congressional district.

Closer examination of the latest recovery.gov report for New Mexico shows hundreds of thousands of dollars sent to and credited with creating jobs in zip codes that do not exist in New Mexico or anywhere else. Moreover, funds reported as being spent in New Mexico were given zip codes corresponding to areas in Washington and Oregon.

The recovery.gov site reports that $373,874 was spent in zip code 97052. Unfortunately, this expenditure created zip jobs. But $36,218 was credited with creating 5 jobs in zip code 87258. A cool hundred grand went into zip code 86705, but didn’t result in even one person finding work.

None of these zip codes exist in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Truly impressive. Everyone should take a quick second right now and give the United States government a round of applause for spending $18 million of taxpayer money on an internet database that is STILL full of garbage entries.

Like I have said before… How many examples of government failed programs/entitlements do you need in order for a liberal to realize that maybe the government running health-care isn’t such a good idea after all? Or anything at all?

Side-Note: I realize this story is related to zip codes, but it reminds me of Ludacris’ hit single “Area Codes” featuring Nate Dogg 😆 :

Hmm… Do I sense a political/conservative remix coming?

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked our national debt?

Answer: You’ll find the number above with a fat “-” in front of it.

Very depressing:

Technically, the debt hit the new high yesterday, but it was posted on the Treasury Department website just after 3:00 p.m. ET today. The exact calculation of the debt is a 16-digit tongue-twister and red-ink tsunami: $12,031,299,186,290.07

This latest milestone in the ever-rising journey of the National Debt comes less than eight months after it hit $11 trillion for the first time. The latest high-point is not unexpected, considering the federal deficit for the just-ended 2009 fiscal year hit an all-time high at $1.42-trillion – more than triple the previous year’s record high.

Could it get worse? You betcha:

But the White House budget review issued in August projects that by the end of the current fiscal year on Sept 30th, the National Debt could top $14 trillion.

It gets worse. The same document projects that by the end of the decade, the National Debt will hit $24.5 trillion — exceeding the Gross Domestic Product projected for 2019 of $22.8 trillion.

Yikes! Sianara U.S. dollar bill… Thank you George W. Bush for insanely increasing our national debt during your presidency (not!) and thank you President Obama for outdoing Bush’s stupidity on spending (not!). You both suck.

Maybe this whole $1 to $3 trillion Obama-Care isn’t such a great idea. After all, China is now questioning our government’s plan to overhaul our health-care system. It’s NEVER a good sign when a communist country is worried about your spending.

Side-Note: I’m going to go kick myself now, because I definitely should of invested in gold a long time ago.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the stimulus money being spent in the state of Michigan?

Answer: The job numbers are a little off.

The Porkulus spending package has struck again! This time in my home state of Michigan:

Seven months into the massive federal stimulus program, the vast majority of government grants, contracts and loans in Michigan so far have created or retained virtually no jobs, a Free Press analysis shows.

The analysis also revealed that others who have been promised or have received stimulus money have overstated — in some cases greatly — the number of jobs created or protected.

The Free Press examination of more than 1,800 government reports of those who have received or expect to receive stimulus money found the biggest impact was spurring or protecting public-sector or summer jobs — not private-sector jobs. Michigan has the nation’s worst unemployment rate.

Oops! Someone didn’t pay much attention in their math classes:

Detroit reported on a grant award — $10 million for work on 14 improvement projects in the city — saying 342 jobs had been saved or created, despite none of the money actually reaching the city yet. Last week, city officials told the Free Press those were only projections — not jobs saved or created.

There were other exaggerations.

The Ingham County Health Department reported 97.49 jobs retained, but an official with the agency said without the funding, six jobs would have been lost. The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan in Sault Ste. Marie, which provides services to member American Indian tribes, reported 99 jobs created or saved thanks to $46,000 in cost-of-living adjustments for Head Start employees. An official with the tribal council said she believes no jobs would have been lost without the government money.

Hmm… What happened to the promise of 90% of the stimulus jobs being created in the private sector?:

So far in Michigan, the numbers support his claim. Of 22,513 jobs reported, 13,555 were tied to state money for education, doled out to local school districts. Without a huge economic turnaround or more federal money after the 2-year stimulus ends, many of those jobs could be threatened.

Another problem: More than 3,000 were summer-only jobs for youths. Those jobs do little to bring down Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation unemployment rate.

Welcome to the state with the high unemployment rate in the country! Glad to see the stimulus package is performing miracles in the mitten – not at all. The stimulus package is just another example that proves the government cannot be trusted to run anything efficiently.

Side-Note: With the fraud stimulus numbers popping up all over the country, I find it ironic that this administration is still selling the stimulus package as a success story?

How do you say: lying through the teeth?

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