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Wonder what you would find if you frisked General Electric – the parent company to NBC/Universal?

Answer: SOLD! Comcast has bought NBC/Universal from G.E.

FOX News reports:

Comcast Corp. announced Thursday it plans to buy a majority stake in NBC Universal for $13.75 billion, giving the nation’s largest cable TV operator control of the Peacock network, an array of cable channels and a major movie studio.

Comcast would name three people to the board and GE two, and Comcast would manage the joint venture. Jeff Zucker would remain NBC Universal’s CEO and report to Comcast Chief Operating Officer Steve Burke. NBC Universal’s headquarters are expected to stay in New York.

Overall, there are still some government hoops that the deal has to jump through in order for it to pass officially, but we will see.

The BIG question is: Will Comcast eventually change NBC’s failing cable-news service MSNBC in order to compete better with FOX News and CNN?


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Wonder what you would find if you frisked General Electric – the parent company to NBC/Universal?

Answer: With billions in debt, GE is looking for a way to make money.

I know! I know! I may of put up the ‘sold’ sign a little early, but with GE’s humongous debt and NBC/MSNBC’s awful ratings… I think it’s inevitable. Oh no! Poor Obama’s liberal think tank/television network! Reuters reports:

Comcast is in talks with NBC Universal’s parent company GE to buy a controlling stake in the joint venture that has broadcast and cable channels as well as movies and theme parks.

The new NBC Universal is expected to be able generate enough cash to pay down $9 billion in debt that would be added to its books as part of the deal, and purchase the rest of the company from GE.

Hmm… Is there any other companies trying to snatch up this deal? You betcha:

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (NWSA.O) and John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp (LINTA.O) are also interested in NBC Universal, though neither has approached GE so far, CNBC reported, citing sources.

News Corp, which owns the Fox cable network and local TV stations, had been seen as a less likely bidder, analysts have said, because taking a stake in NBC might raise antitrust concerns with the U.S. government.

Oh snap! Could the parent company of Fox News actually takeover NBC and MSNBC!? Hmm… Lets not get too excited. After all, I’m sure Eric Holder and his cronies would use all of their powers imaginable to preserve their liberal think tank/television network/propaganda machine. Haha, what do you think?

Either way… NBC and MSNBC have been sliding downhill in the ratings faster than an avalanche without the laws of friction. If ANY company is willing to purchase them, do you really think that they’ll keep the channels’ current programing??? If they want to make money, absolutely not.

Side-Note: Hey GE, karma is a bia, isn’t it? This is what you get for playing in the same sandbox as Iran.

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Ut oh!

Ut oh!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked Saturday Night Live’s latest episode?

Answer: Obama’s report card.

Hmm… Is it a good or a bad thing when your own major propaganda network (NBC) spoofs you on national television?

Personally, I would say a bad thing. So does this mean the liberal media is slowly (very slowly) turning their backs on The One/The Savior/The Messiah!? Probably not, but if SNL wants to keep their ratings up this would most likely help.

Besides the ratings, it’s kind of funny how the skit resembles much of the truth. Although, what did the idiots at CNN think about SNL’s Obama spoof? Well… they actually did a fact check to SNL’s skit (go figure… after Sarah Palin’s character assassination on SNL):

Thank you CNN for making sure individuals aren’t ‘misinformed’ at 1 AM:

Heaven forbid that the average half-drunk late-night Saturday TV viewer be “misinformed” about our savior by a comedy show reminding them that health care’s “not done” (which it isn’t) and that Afghanistan’s gotten worse this year (which it has). Even if you want to clap Obama on the back for keeping his promise to send more troops, might it not perhaps be worth mentioning that he’s currently rethinking the entire “war of necessity” mindset on which he campaigned?

Does this mean CNN will do a fact check on all of the comedy/news shows, like The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher? Oh gee, I hope so, because they would (literally) have to create a separate television program for that. After all, we don’t want to single anybody out and allow one demographic to be ‘misinformed’ and another not be.

CNN = joke. HAHA!

Side-Note: Fred Armisen needs to work on his Obama impression a little more. The only part that sounded like Obama was the pronunciation of “Guantanamo Bay.”

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LibMedia newlogo

Obama Admin cry babies!

Obama Admin cry babies!

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the relationship between the Obama Administration and the media?

Answer: A bunch of whiners!

What’s that? The Obama Administration’s press relations group doesn’t act very professional? Ah, of course. Do we really expect them to??

It was off the races for Obama on his Sunday media blitz that entailed five interviews on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and… Univision. HAHA! That’s right folks, instead of choosing the network with the largest audience (FOX News), Obama chose the Spanish-language network Univision. What a joke:

The most logical move would be to appear on Fox, considering they draw millions of viewers more than their cable news rivals. If he needs to clear up perceived misconceptions related to messaging, Obama should have appeared on the cable network with the largest audience, and audience that coincidentally holds those same “misconceptions.”  That would be the perfect place to clarify the tough questions, providing he could answer them.  But, alas, he passed on the opportunity.

Unfortunately for Obama, he seriously missed the mark on ACORN and health care.  He had nothing new to say about his health care plans and he mistakenly conveyed the image he is above the ACORN story. People care about corruption and they care about the misuse of taxpayer money.  They want the President to reassure them that their money will not continue to fund corrupt organizations, especially when the President’s party is trying to convince them to support government run health care.

Inconsistencies like these are making it easier and easier to ignore Obama.  His administration clearly needs a major shakeup in quality of advisers, messaging, and strategy.

The White House tries to pull of the same moves during each media blitz and then goes back to its roots of ridiculing the opposition. This is one VERY arrogant administration! Until they realize that spewing the same ol’ propaganda on the same ol’ liberal networks doesn’t work, they are most likely bound to fail.

Props to Chris Wallace, he summed it up nicely.

Reminder to Obama: This isn’t Burger King sir… You can’t always ‘have it your way’!

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