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George Will.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked ABC’s This Week yesterday?

Answer: George Will reminds the viewers of a few important things that many tend to forget.

BOOM! I don’t think George Will could have been anymore on-point with his appearance on ABC News. Not to mention, the first thing he talks about in the video posted above is absolutely true. Great observation:

We go through these moments in Washington where we complain about the government being broken. These moments all have one thing in common: The left is having trouble enacting its agenda. No one! When G.W. Bush had trouble reforming social security said ‘Oh! That’s terrible! The government is broken.

Overall, I give George Will’s performance a solid A. After all, he was surrounded by four die-hard lefties… That’s just brutal in the first place. 😆

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Michigan-based company Trijicon?

Answer: They put coded references to New Testament Bible passages on some of their high-powered rifle sights.

And of course ABC News blows this story way out of proportion… Starting with the headline U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret ‘Jesus’ Bible Codes:

Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by a Michigan company, an ABC News investigation has found.

The sights are used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the training of Iraqi and Afghan soldiers. The maker of the sights, Trijicon, has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps, and additional contracts to provide sights to the U.S. Army.

U.S. military rules specifically prohibit the proselytizing of any religion in Iraq or Afghanistan and were drawn up in order to prevent criticism that the U.S. was embarked on a religious “Crusade” in its war against al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents.

One of the citations on the gun sights, 2COR4:6, is an apparent reference to Second Corinthians 4:6 of the New Testament, which reads: “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”


Trijicon confirmed to ABCNews.com that it adds the biblical codes to the sights sold to the U.S. military. Tom Munson, director of sales and marketing for Trijicon, which is based in Wixom, Michigan, said the inscriptions “have always been there” and said there was nothing wrong or illegal with adding them. Munson said the issue was being raised by a group that is “not Christian.” The company has said the practice began under its founder, Glyn Bindon, a devout Christian from South Africa who was killed in a 2003 plane crash.

Hmm… I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider a scope a weapon. You absolutely have to take things like this with a grain of salt, because liberals have an extreme desire to remove all mentions of anything related to God or religion. Once again, political correctness at its finest.

Side-Note: What is the big deal with taking a Bible verse referring to light on a scope that probably uses ambient light to produce its aiming point?

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Wonder what you find if you frisked the Fox News Channel and Sarah Palin?

Answer: A new deal.

No… Not FDR. 🙄 This is something that doesn’t expand government faster than an airbag during a head-on collision. New York Times reports:

Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska has signed on as a contributor to the Fox News Channel.

The network confirmed that Ms. Palin would appear on the network’s programming on a regular basis as part of a multiyear deal. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Ms. Palin will not have her own regular program, one person with knowledge of the deal said, though she will host a series that will run on the network from time to time. This person would not elaborate, but the network does have a precedent for such a series. Oliver L. North is the host of an occasionally running documentary series on the military called “War Stories.”

…And the plot thickens!

For all the Sarah Palin fans out there, this is not necessarily a bad move. After all, by going down the part-time television path she will be able to get more national exposure and that definitely doesn’t hurt a politician who is seeking higher office (whatever position that might be). Also, Palin is young enough and has plenty of opportunities to seek a presidential race in 2016, 2020, and 2024. In the meantime, she probably chose a good career path that will allow her to build up her support base since Fox News already attracts a lot of them.

For those of you who were hoping that she would make a run at the Oval Office in 2012, this new ‘multi-year’ deal probably isn’t the news you want to hear:

However, a multi-year deal may mean that Palin will wait to run for higher office.  She could either go for the Senate or the presidency next, but either way, she’d have to start building a campaign no later than a year from now.   Media outlets generally cut off analysts when they start building campaigns to avoid the necessity of giving opponents free air time for responses.  A multiyear deal doesn’t preclude the possibility of entering into a campaign in 2011, but it indicates that Palin isn’t yet envisioning such a step.

But who knows… The terms of the contract were not disclosed – for now – and therefore she might have some wiggle room to work with. In any event, Frisk A Liberal wishes her the best of luck at whatever she ends up doing!

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Or not...

Wonder what you would find if you frisked CBS news anchor Katie Couric’s notebook?

Answer: A little Obama-Care rhyme.

Really?… CBS’s objective journalism at its finest folks. Could it be more obvious that Katie Couric and the rest of her liberal co-workers are in the tank for Obama-Care?

Nice rhyme Ms. Katie. You have officially demonstrated the perfect destruction to Clement Clark Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas”:

Twas just weeks before Christmas and what do you know
Senate Democrats are once again praying for Snowe.
They won 60 votes to start the debate
But they’re back to square one and the just have to wait.
Wait for Blue Dogs like Nelson and Lincoln
Who say a public option would mean the economy sinkin’.
Wait for Joe Lieberman who says it won’t pass
And hope Mary Landrieu can change her mind fast.

The Republican votes right now total zero
But a trigger could make one woman a hero.
The moderate who hails from the land way up north
Could save Harry Reid’s Christmas with a deal she brought forth.
Urging government plans for when private ones fail
To think: both sides happy, can both sides prevail?
At this point no compromise looms within sight
That means after Thanksgiving it’s on with the fight.
Enjoy your turkey and know we’ll be here
To help make this tough topic just a little more clear.

I love the mainstream media, haha. I thought CBS and Katie wanted to be taken seriously, but I could be wrong…

Side-Note: Do you think this means there will be fair coverage on the health-care reform debate in the next month or so? Don’t hold your breath! Also, I thought it was against the ‘liberal’s code’ to reference anything related to Christmas?

Once again…

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