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Above is a video clip from the hit television series The West Wing where Josh Lyman, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the president, thinks he can easily handle the White House press pool. Notice how he gets stumped at the end of the clip about an “inflation plan”. Instead of admitting that the president doesn’t have a plan to tackle the possibility of inflation, Josh decides to call the press pool stupid and tells that he does have a plan. Entertaining, right?

Now let’s comeback to reality.

Here’s a video clip of President Obama’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney from earlier today:

Haha… Priceless! It’s crazy how The West Wing can mirror real life at times.

On a serious note, where’s the [real] president’s plan at???

Guy Benson – from Townhall.com – made an interesting point:

Since his unmitigated failure of a budget was unanimously defeated in the Senate, this president has refused to offer a specific plan of his own on virtually anything at all.  Instead, he talks about “visions” and “contours” and “frameworks” — and tries to blame his opponents when his poor leadership is exposed.  Over the last five days, the president has (a) undermined a bargain with John Boehner by introducing an unacceptable eleventh-hour condition, (b) rejected “out of hand” a bipartisan compromise that he found to be politically unpalatable, and (c) delivered a speech that painted his opponents as the intractable extremists.  In light of this behavior, it’s entirely reasonable for Americans to wonder what, precisely, Barack Obama’s proposed solution might be.  Today, the White House dismissively waived off that question as a GOP talking point and condescendingly inquired if the journalist who dared to ask it was capable of taking notes.

Well said.

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

Wonder what you would find if you frisked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) when a reporter asked him about his “confrontational tone”?

Answer: A classic and refreshing smack down!

If you are a Conservative on my blog, you MUST watch the video clip posted above! 😀 Chris Christie… I swear he must have descended from Conservative Heaven! Every time I stumble across a YouTube clip of this man, the more I like the guy.

Man crush? Quite possibly. Picture this guy during a presidential debate… I would run out of popcorn and I am not the only one thinking along these lines. Allahpundit – from Hot Air – had this to say about Gov. Christie:

I’m starting to think this might be the guy. A solid first term, then reelection in 2014, and suddenly the wide-open 2016 primaries are right around the corner…

Please Lord! Let there still be a country left to govern by time this man runs for President!

*UPDATE* – May 14, 2010

Via The Right Scoop. Even Glenn Beck likes Gov. Chris Christie and wonders if he might be the next George Washington:

Let’s hope so.

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