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Wonder what you would find if you frisked United States Attorney General Eric Holder’s opinion regarding Arizona’s new immigration law?

Answer: Who cares what it is, because he never read the law!

If you have not been paying attention to the whole ‘Eric Holder vs. Arizona’s new immigration law saga’, click here to watch a video and catch up.

🙄 Unbelievable… How can a high ranking government official – such as Eric Holder – make multiple television appearances condemning a law that he/she has not even read? Obviously, this just seems to be a reoccurring pattern with this current administration.

Via The Corner. Andy McCarthy makes an excellent point:

Holder ‘profiles’ Arizona.

Isn’t that really what the Attorney General is doing?

He hasn’t read the Arizona immigration law, even though reading the law is the basic duty of any lawyer (let alone the U.S. Attorney General) who is called on to assess a legal situation.

Thus, he hasn’t got reasonable suspicion that Arizonans are violating the Constitution, even though reasonable suspicion is the basic investigative standard we expect law-enforcement to satisfy before officials harass Americans with stepped up scrutiny.

And we know he has a bias because he told us, unabashedly, that he thinks Americans are “cowards” on matters of race.

Think about it this way:  If a police officer, without taking elementary investigative steps to inform himself about the facts of a situation, and thus without reasonable suspicion, simply assumed a person must be guilty of wrongdoing based on the police officer’s avowed prejudice, what would Eric Holder call it?

I love liberal hypocrisy…

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