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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the Democrat-controlled Senate today?

Answer: They voted down the FY12 Republican House budget.

Hot Air reports:

In a procedural vote that represented some pretty fine political grandstanding, the Senate this evening voted down the controversial House-passed budget, 57 to 40. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled the vote to force conservative senators to go on the record in support of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan — a plan opponents say will deprive seniors of adequate health care.

The vote roughly broke down along party lines, but Republican Sens. Scott Brown (Mass.), Susan Collins (Maine), Rand Paul (SC), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) all broke ranks and voted against consideration of the budget.

It’ll be all too easy for Democrats to criticize Republicans who voted for the Ryan plan — but, before they do, they might want to consider this advice, offered in the preamble to the president’s own fiscal commission report:

In the weeks and months to come, countless advocacy groups and special interests will try mightily through expensive, dramatic and heart-wrenching media assaults to exempt themselves from shared sacrifice and common purpose. The national interest, not special interests, must prevail. We urge leaders and citizens with principled concerns about any of our recommendations to follow what we call the Becerra Rule: Don’t shoot down an idea without offering a better idea in its place.

So, what better idea have the Democrats offered? Still none. It’s been 756 days now and that number just continues to climb. The only budget to come from the left has come from the president — and that budget doesn’t exactly address what fiscal commission co-chair Erskine Bowles has called “the most predictable economic crisis in history.” The Congressional Budget Office found that the president’s FY 2012 budget would double the nation’s debt and would never achieve an annual deficit of less than $748 billion.

Leadership! Well… Maybe one of these days.

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)?

Answer: He continues to protect President Obama’s far-left agenda.

Like the good puppet he is, Sen. Manchin voted against repealing the healthcare reform law after promising his constituents that he would stand up to Obama. So far, we have yet to see it.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee reports:

In the wake of Wednesday evening’s health care repeal vote, in which liberal U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted to protect ObamaCare – including its individual mandate, $500 billion in Medicare cuts, and $570 billion in tax hikes – the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today launched a new online ad campaign titled “Joe & O: On Tour.”

In addition to the NRSC’s first web ad of the 2012 cycle, the campaign will also include a new microsite,www.JoeAndO.com, a one-stop-shop for information on Manchin’s pro-Obama voting record. The NRSC will drive traffic to the site using Google and Facebook ads targeted at West Virginia, as well as banner ads on the Drudge Report and West Virginia news sites.

“Joe Manchin has tried again and again to hide his support for the Obama agenda, but his vote for ObamaCare leaves no doubt as to where he stands: for Medicare cuts, tax hikes and government mandates, and against West Virginia’s best interests,” said NRSC Communications Director Brian Walsh. “Despite his many campaign promises as he sought West Virginia’s Senate seat, Manchin has used his time in Washington to embrace President Obama’s liberal policies, and voters won’t be fooled by his election-cycle posturing when he faces them at the polls next year.”

Props to the NRSC. Not the best political advertisement, but it is pretty humorous.

Sen. Manchin, who won a special election last year, is going to face a tough 2012 reelection battle. He currently leads any potential Republican candidates, but that is expected at this point. The left leaning Public Policy Polling reports:

Joe Manchin seems to have made a pretty easy transition from Charleston to Washington DC. He was one of the most popular Governors in the country and now he’s one of the most popular Senators in the country.


Shelley Moore Capito is very popular as well, with 54% of voters across the state holding a favorable opinion of her to only 30% with a negative one. In addition to being beloved by voters in her own party, independents rate her favorably by a 62/20 spread and she has an unusual level of crossover popularity with Democrats who break nearly even in their assessments of her, 42% positive and 43% negative. Despite Capito’s popularity she would still start out nine points behind Manchin in a hypothetical contest at 50-41.

Against a couple other potential Republican opponents we tested- new Congressman David McKinley and his opponent from last year, Raese, Manchin leads by considerably more dominant margins. It’s 57-28 over McKinley who a majority of voters in the state still don’t have an opinion about yet. And it’s 60-31 over Raese, whose favorability rating with the state’s voters is now an awful 30/52 spread. That’s definitely not the direction Republicans want to go in again.

Obviously there is no need to be worried at this point. We have a long way to go until the 2012 general election. However, this I do know: We must turn the state of West Virginia red.

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“As long as I sit at [US Senator] Henry Clay’s desk, I will remember his lifelong desire to forge agreement. But I will always keep close to my heart, the principle stand of his cousin Cassius Marcellus Clay who refused to forsake the life of any human simply to find agreement.”

To compromise or not to compromise; that is the question. During US Senator Rand Paul’s first speech on the Senate floor, he cleverly used his home state’s history to frame the answer.

Major props to Sen. Paul. This is exactly how I feel about compromise.

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Ladies and gentlemen, today is the BIG day! The day that we head out to the voting booth and help put a stop to President Obama and the Democrats’ reckless agenda that has done nothing but damage our country over the past twenty months. We (Conservatives) need to make sure that we get everyone out to the polls so we can help fuel the momentum that is building the tidal wave that will hopefully sweep through our country.

Don’t know where to vote? Don’t worry, because the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has put together a website where you can easily figure out where your polling location is: Click here.

During the past couple months I have been working hard at the NRSC and hope that we will see a Republican majority takeover the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

For the latest election results as they come in, click here.

Brace yourselves folks, because tomorrow will be a long day. In the meantime, check out this epic Tea Party web ad that will definitely get you excited about today’s election:

The real recovery begins today!

For those who are interested, I will try and have a separate post up later on in the night that will have election results, updates, and commentary! Tomorrow should be a good day, so let’s try and enjoy it!

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In 2008, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, on behalf of Kay Hagan (D-NC), released this winning television advertisement that attacked former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole’s record in Congress:

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the latest political advertisement from the Richard Burr (R-NC) campaign?

Answer: Payback can be a pain the you-know-what.

Burr for Senate: […] the Richard Burr Committee released its second television ad of the General Election titled “Front Porch.” The ad highlights how the disastrous economic policies of this Administration and its allies have failed to address the problems facing every day Americans:

Ahh yes! Two years has passed and the famous “Hope-and-Change” era is finally disappearing. Apparently that Obamamania Syndrome has also disappeared from our two old-timers that made the Kay Hagan “Rocking Chairs” ad such a success.

Great ad! It does a good job reflecting the strong feeling of voter’s remorse that has been sweeping the country. The only “downside” of the advertisement is where it was filmed. According to News Observer.com, “The anti-Dole ad was filmed at the Bynum General Store in Chatham County. The new ad was shot at a private residence in Davie County.” If you notice, the convenience store in the anti-Dole ad is an older, worn down building while the location in the Richard Burr ad reflects more of an upscale household. Since the Burr campaign is stressing the Democrats’ disastrous economic policies, they should have put the same two gentlemen in a location that wasn’t as “upscale”. My suggestion/quick-fix: Throw a Foreclosed sign in the front yard and make it visible to the viewer.

Overall, props to US Sen. Richard Burr and his campaign!

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their 2008 presidential campaigns?

Answer: They jumped on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) program to help spread their message.

Of course… That was okay back then for Democratic candidates to embrace the WWE for their own political gain, but now that WWE chief Linda McMahon has won the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut, it’s a different story:

In response to widespread criticism from Democrats who blasted Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) program content that she oversaw as the company’s CEO, Republican groups pointed to the time when then-Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared on a WWE show to promote their presidential campaigns in 2008.

Democratic organizations took a hard line against the company Tuesday night after McMahon beat out former Congressman Rob Simmons in the state Republican primary, accusing her of many things, including profiting from peddling violence to children.


On Tuesday, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Eric Schultz called WWE programming “violent, sexually explicit material that glorified the exploitation of women, and the mentally disabled.” Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan accused the GOP of nominating “a candidate who kicks men in the crotch, thinks of scenes of necrophilia as ‘entertainment,’ and runs an operation where women are forced to bark like dogs,” referring to sketches that appeared in WWE programming during McMahon’s tenure as CEO.

Republicans fired back, asking why Democrats did not voice similar concerns about McMahon’s entertainment company when their candidates agreed to appear on “WWE RAW” two years earlier.

Another example of liberal hypocrisy… I wonder if the Democrats are becoming more and more desperate as the fall election approaches? That should be a quick and simple “Yes!”

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Wonder what you would find if you frisked the U.S. Senate election in California?

Answer: Carly Fiorina (R) has increased her lead over Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer!

CBS 5 Reports:

California Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina has increased her lead over Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer to five percentage points according to a new CBS 5 KPIX-TV poll released Thursday, which also shows gubernatorial candidates Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman in a dead heat.

The CBS 5 poll, conducted by the research firm SurveyUSA, showed Fiorina edging Boxer 47 percent to 42 percent, compared to a CBS 5 poll one month ago showing Fiorina over Boxer 47 to 45 percent.

The poll results indicated Fiorina’s support was essentially unchanged among men and women, young and old, white and Hispanic while Boxer had lost small ground among men, younger voters, and independents.

Can I get a “woot, woot”? I’m diggin’ the recent poll results. Hopefully the Republican Party can pull off the distant goal of taking over the majority in the Senate. Fingers are crossed!

Conservative victory 2010!

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