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Her defeat to US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is not slowing Sharron Angle down.

Politico reports:

After unceremoniously crashing the Nevada Senate race last year — raising record amounts of money and becoming a headache for establishment Republicans while also endearing herself to tea party activists nationwide — Sharron Angle is returning for an encore performance with a run for the U.S. House.


Chris LaCivita, who served as political director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the 2010 election cycle, described Angle’s Senate campaign staff as severely incompetent.

“It’s a huge problem [for the party] if she has the same cast and crew,” said LaCivita. “She brings a lot to the table — she has an enormous fundraising base. But you can have all the money in the world and if you have the wrong people spending it, it’s mitigating.”

But, he added, “As long as she doesn’t have the ‘Dinner for Schmucks’ crew around her, I think she’s the frontrunner.”

Although I did not support Sharron Angle in the Nevada Republican primary, she was not that bad of a candidate. As mentioned above, she definitely had a awful campaign team surrounding her. Also, it is hard to ignore the fact she was going up against the Senate Majority Leader and his enormous campaign war chest. Ms. Angle’s image as a so-called “extreme right-winger” would have been formed whether she was one or not. Let’s face it, demonization was the only efficient campaign strategy Democrats had during the 2010 midterm elections.

Hey, at least she’s actually doing something right this time: She actually has a working website online.

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I was busy yesterday and forgot to post this, but I figured it’s better to do it now then not at all. As some of you know, Tuesday was a huge day for a lot of primary elections around the country. Here’s some of those key winners:

  • Nikki Haley almost received the 50% need to avoid a GOP Gubernatorial primary runoff, but unfortunately came up just short. In the end, it appears she will pull it off though.
  • Carly Fiorina – former HP CEO – won California’s GOP U.S. Senate Primary.
  • Meg Whitman – former eBay CEO – won California’s GOP Gubernatorial Primary.
  • Sharron Angle surpassed the crowded group of GOP candidates to become the Republican nominee who will run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Make sure you donate whatever you can to the candidates above! Conservative victory 2010!

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