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Valerie Jarrett, WH Adviser

Wonder what you would find if you frisked the White House adviser Valerie Jarrett during an interview on CNN?

Answer: A bunch of nonsense coming out of her mouth.

HUH!? Really!? Is this woman legit? Because I honestly cannot tell from this interview. This attack on FOX News is becoming a joke! It is becoming more and more obvious that the White House is using this as a distraction to stir the media away of the real issues and Obama’s agenda.

Just to name a few: Socializing health-care, dithering on Afghanistan, a failed $800 billion stimulus, cap-and-tax, and putting more radicals in the White House.

Personally, I absolutely love this quotes by Ms. Jarrett:

We want the public to understand what’s going on. We saw the kinds of distortions this summer, particularly directed at seniors over health-care reform. It was really outrageous and I think what the President said in his message before Congress is we’re going to speak directly to the American people to make sure they understand the truth.

HAHA! First of all, explain these distortions? From what I saw at the town hall meetings (because we know the White House didn’t pay attention to them), it was clearly a bunch of concerned and informed individuals. People were showing up with the actual health-care bill and reading what was IN IT! Of course people were scared! They were scared because they actually read the bill – unlike our politicians. This is health-care! This is taking over 1/6 of our U.S. economy! And what was the typical response when a constituent pointed out concerns in the bill? The politician would simply reply with “I apologize because I don’t have the bill here in front of me, but…” and then rant on and on – dodging the question.

Oh, but don’t worry Ms. Jarrett. The President knows EXACTLY what this bill will include and accomplish. Wait a minute… then why can’t he explain how America will pay for it or why he uses the same talking points when the bill has changed numerous times?

White House = Hypocrites. How’s FOX News bias, but not MSNBC? Oh yeah, that’s why Ms. Jarrett stumbled around that question worse than someone with a B.A.C. of .399 – Impressive.

Side-Note: America isn’t dumb. We don’t need the Messiah to inform us on the issues. We can read sir. Also, last I knew… Glenn Beck has a direct phone line specifically for you guys to call and point out this ‘distortions’ and guess what? It still has not rung. Doesn’t that tell you something people?


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